Quick-Release Completes LA40 Actuator Product Range

LINAK launches an enhanced version of the LA40 actuator. The new LA40QR has Quick-Release – allowing hospital staff to lower bed backrests in a hurry in case of emergencies. However, several other safety features make the LA40QR the new benchmark for healthcare actuators.

Product News:  16 June 2016
The new LA40QR actuator from LINAK completes an already advanced system solution for hospital beds. Earlier this year LINAK launched a whole new generation of control boxes with the CO61. And the new LA40QR plays right into this.

We have gathered all the feedback we have received from customers and combined it with our continuous R&D work. The result is an actuator able to meet the growing number of requests for intelligent system features,” says Business Development Manager at LINAK, Claus Rode.

The LA40QR – especially as part of a system with control box CO61 – will surely be the new standard in for example modern hospital beds. It is strong as an ox and is equipped with a more robust spindle. It is incredibly easy to mount and carries with it options for all available intelligence features.”

The LA40 actuator can deliver a push force up to 8000N. However, with the Quick-Release feature capacity is limited to 4000N.
  LA40 with Quick-Release
LA40 with Quick-Release

Increased hygiene and improved safety

Like the control box, CO61, the LA40QR can be supplied as IPX6 washable. This makes LINAK customers able to deliver for example a complete hospital bed application with a fully washable actuator system, thus helping hospitals live up to strict hygienic standards. However, that is not all.

The Quick-Release (QR) feature is new to the LA40. It secures fast lowering of backrest in case of emergency,” Claus Rode explains and continues:

LA40 already comes with the LINAK Spline function. It prevents the actuator from pulling load when obstacles are in the way. LA40 also comes with a built-in safety nut as standard. It ensures no accidents can occur if the actuator breaks down.”

All this combined aims to improve safety for both patients and care staff and to provide OEM’s with the best possible business case.

The LA40QR is released for sale on 13 June 2016. Need to know more, feel free to contact your local LINAK office.


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Updated: 17 June 2016 15:27