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At LINAK®, we design and manufacture many types of electric lifting columns. They come with various speeds, stroke lengths, and capacities and are ideal for height adjustable sit stand tables, but also very common in both medical applications and various industrial production facilities.

At LINAK we always think in full systems. This means that no matter the application we deliver complete systems which means lifting columns, control units, control box, accessories, cables etc.

LINAK lifting columns are a worldwide benchmark when it comes to reliable, low-noise and low-energy height adjustment. Elegantly designed and made extremely easy to mount and integrate.

With a wide and deep product program, it is easy to find the right lifting column for your designs/applications. In addition to the large variety of options, there are also ways the lifting columns can be customized to fit your needs.

With four global manufacturing locations, we can build your custom system and ship it to you in a timely manner. Contact us to start building the right lifting column solution for your motion needs.


Business areas for lifting columns

Our lifting columns can be found anywhere, in homes, offices, hospitals, factories, and many other places. They bring movement to furniture and other applications in a variety of ways - from small precise adjustments to powerful and quick adjustments. The movement that lifting columns provide can truly improve ergonomics In all of these environments as well – providing a solution that all of a sudden fits all.

While our products are often found in the large applications we can also add movement to small, individual designs. From privacy panels to monitor screens, our lifting columns bring smooth reliable movement to your designs and help change how people think about their work.


The LINAK story of lifting columns for offices

Many design trends have changed the office environment over the years, but few have positively affected the individual user in a workspace quite like the electric sit stand desk. Though standing desks and standing tables have been around for centuries, the technology behind the electric sit-stand desk has only been around for just over 20 years.

In late 1998, LINAK caught the industry by surprise and launched the first ever complete electric height-adjustable system for desks. The system included a desk panel switch to easily adjust height, an advanced control box for smooth desk movement, and a revolutionary “electric leg” for desks called DESK LIFT 1 (DL1). Since then, LINAK has innovated many firsts for the office furniture industry. Whether you are needing advanced movement for a completely new office furniture design you are creating or looking for a better-quality system for your desk products, LINAK is here to help.


Lifting columns for office desks

Electric lifting columns in sit stand tables or adjustable desks are increasingly common in modern offices where ergonomics also play an important part in worker satisfaction and efficiency. However, they are also often used in conference tables, flight control workstations, stockbroker consoles and even kitchens.

Often referred to as the desk leg(s), an electric linear actuator lifting column brings movement to desks and allow users to easily go from sitting to standing while working. To add to the range of options for height adjustability the telescopic lifting columns can be both two and three stage.

They can also be added to furniture either as a single column or as a parallel system consisting of 2, 3 or 4 columns. The multi-parallel systems allows up to 16 columns connected in a series.

The columns come in standard white, black or grey colours, or you can pick your own colour to use for your application.


Motor housing electric lifting columns for standing desks

The main benefits of electric lifting columns with motor housing from LINAK is that they all match the same frame construction. This means that choosing one design over another does not impact the choice of frame and leaves you with much more design freedom.

Especially, when adding the fact that you can also chose between profile, color, setup, height, load, speed, gliding pads and integrated features in this category. Furthermore, LINAK lifting columns are designed for easy mounting to your furniture.

Visit the system page to see the product range that is included in the system.

Office desks system with motor housing lifting columns


Inline electric lifting columns for standing desks

The main benefits of the LINAK range of inline columns is the freedom to design the frame construction. The inline lifting columns are especially designed for desks without crossbars to provide more legroom and design possibilities. In many cases it is also used in medical and industrial applications.

Visit the system page to see the product range that is included in the system.

DESKLINE Inline columns system


Lifting columns for medical applications

In hospitals and medical centres, you will find LINAK lifting columns adding movement to for example hospital x-ray and surgery tables, dental chairs.

The added electric movement which electric lifting columns provide means that we can spare our workforce from heavy lifting and bad working positions during long and stressful days.

Where more power is needed lifting columns like the LC3 can push up to 6,000N (612kg). Making the design options almost limitless.


Lifting columns for industry

In factories ergonomics also play an important part, from the workstations to the conveyer belt, assembly lines or the robots personnel work with – this is why we have also seen great interest of implementing movement into manufacturing facilities.

The proper height of working surfaces will increase ergonomics substantially for an employee and some of the less ergonomic lifts can be replaced by cobot palletiser movement. These are just some of the ways where electric lifting columns can be integrated into material handling solutions and production facilities to improve ergonomics and efficiency.

Electric lifting column application for workstation, conveyer belts, assembly lines and palletisers.


Lifting columns for TV and monitor stands

The electric lifting columns from LINAK provides adjustment of monitors and large display and screens as well as smaller integrated displays or screen. The electric lifting columns are often found in media stands in especially auditoriums, showrooms, meetings or conference rooms as well as in private homes.

By adding electric movement to these applications you create a media stand product with low-noise adjustment to improve ergonomics for the users and spectators. In addition, the battery solutions for display stands or monitor stands enhance the mobile nature of these product to be even more convenient, whereas the more static nature of a TV lift is also enhanced by the compact system which makes it possible to integrated a TV into many different kinds of furniture.

Electric lifting column application for workstation, conveyer belts, assembly lines and palletisers.


Lifting columns for consoles

Electric lifting columns play an important role in improving ergonomics in consoles or workstations in control rooms. Adjusting these relatively heavy setups found in many command rooms or control rooms require power and precision which electric lifting columns can provide. By integrating electric adjustment these mission-critical applications get an ergonomic boost and improves working conditions for employees.


Lifting columns for trading desks

It is also possible to improve ergonomics in technical workstations, such as trading desks, by adding electric adjustment with lifting columns. To counter-balance a high-stress working environment, where expectation is a laser focus for several hours on end, the ergonomics provided by a comfortable workstation becomes an important ally in fostering both job satisfaction and productivity.


Testing lifting columns

We understand the importance of good performance for your lifting column application. We conduct a variety of tests that push the lifting columns to extremes in order to ensure optimal performance throughout their entire service life.

Finding the balance between friction and deflection (movement) and controlling the tolerances within the manufacturing process is paramount in lifting column production. LINAK focuses on minimising the amount of friction while simultaneously minimising the amount of deflection. Helping ensure a stable leg today…and tomorrow. To add an extra level of confidence for our customers, 100% of LINAK lifting columns are tested through our unrivalled stability process. Ensuring reliability and performance in every product delivered.

Each LINAK lifting column undergoes a full function test before leaving production, providing you with a product you can rely on for years. Visit the page ‘Extensive testing – trust your industrial actuator’, to learn more about the tests our actuators are put through to measure their performance, durability, and resistance.

Read more about the LINAK quality.

What is an electric lifting column?

LINAK lifting Columns are hi-tech electrical devices able to convert rotational motion in low voltage DC motors into linear push/pull movement. Lifting columns are designed to deliver elegant height adjustment of modern office desks, a wide variety of workstations, couches and tables in hospitals and general healthcare and many other places.

Office worker sitting and standing at an office desk. DL1: the revolutionary “electric leg” for desks invented by LINAK.

How do the electric lifting columns for sit stand tables and office desks work?

LINAK lifting columns are electric columns that offer height adjustment of various kinds of furniture and other applications. In order to adjust the columns you will always need a full system which consist of lifting columns, the CBD6S control box and a control panel/desk panel to control the movement.

Furthermore, you need to connect the system to power.

Office desks system with motor housing lifting columns

What are the different types of lifting columns for office desks?

LINAK offers two choices for lifting columns for sit-stand tables or height adjustable desks where you need to add the desk legs. We offer lifting column systems where the columns either come with a motor housing or they are what we call in-line columns.

To get more details on each of these options, please follow the links below.


What are the different profiles for lifting columns for office desks?

There are several types of lifting column profiles available – and they are also available as 2-stage or 3-stage – providing a unique look for the desk legs.


The cost-effective DL8 electric lifting column for office desks with a round profileDL8


Electric lifting column DL5 for elegant office desksDL5


Black rectangular DL17 electric lifting column w invisible gliding pads for exclusive desk designsDL17


Please, go here to view the full selection of electric lifting columns for sit stand desks in various profiles.

How do I adjust an electric sit stand desk?

LINAK offers a wide range of control options to suit different needs and applications:

  • Classic control: DP, DP1 CS
    The classic controls are mounted underneath the tabletop and offer a slim look with the classic up/down buttons as well as the option of saving a few memory positions.
  • Simple control: DPA, DPB, DPG, DPH
    The simple controls are very discreet desk panels, mounted under the tabletop, where you can adjust the table up and down.
  • Touch control: DPT
    The touch controls are integrated in the table top to make the touch buttons easily accessible. It also comes with memory function and uses a display to show both actual height, diagnostics and error codes.
  • Intuitive control with Bluetooth: DPG1M, DPG1C, DPG1B
    The intuitive controls with Bluetooth is mounted under the table top and are activated by tilting the panel. The integrated reminder function and lights help the users get the most out of their sit stand table.
  • Desk Control App
    The Desk Control App is an app which communicates with the desk panel to help the user get as much as possible out of their sit stand desk. With motivational notifications and statistics

What is anti-collision in office desks?

The anti-collision feature in various sit stand desks is basically a feature that prevents your desk from continuing to run if it were to run into something. Instead it will stop and run a little backwards. This is how it will minimise the damage.

If you want to know more about our different types of anti-collision solutions please follow the links below:

How can I customise my desk?

Our lifting columns offer designer a lot of design freedom by offering a wide variety of profiles and colours among other things.

Read more about customized options.

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