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Actuator systems for comfort furniture
Many furniture items in private homes can be improved; whether it is the robust bed with a heavy box spring mattress, the lighter slatted bed in the guest room, or the living room recliner. They can all benefit from smooth electric adjustment.

LINAK® designs, manufactures and provides complete modular actuator systems that fit effortlessly into all types of comfort furniture.

Different types of comfort furniture require different solutions
Movement systems for comfort beds vary as consumers require very different features. This is why LINAK offers both standard and advanced systems. Both types of system feature a high lifting capacity to ensure maximum flexibility.

When it comes to system solutions for pedestal recliners, a focus on quality, easy assembly, discreet elegance and respect for the designer’s freedom to design are essential. We have tried to simplify assembly by reducing the number of cables and thereby minimising possible quality issues overall.

We even have a battery solution for your recliner design.

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