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The commitment to our values is what drives our culture, and, ultimately, guides the way we do business. We empower our people and distribute the decision-making close to the customer and to their challenges. Our customers’ trust means everything to us, and we are proud to be acknowledged worldwide as a reliable partner. Our framework for global business ethics, compliance policies and code of conduct serve as the foundation for that trust.


Business conduct and ethics


Our guidelines on how we do business and our code of conduct ensure that our efforts are ethical and systematic, with transparent procedures and a strong accountability for action. This applies to our employees as well as to the business partners and suppliers who act on our behalf.


LINAK employees in factory



We care about protecting the health, wellbeing and safety of our employees and other stakeholders and reducing the environmental impact of our activities. Our policies enable our people to work with purpose and be successful in their work and life journey while also helping us to reach our targets for growth and ESG ambitions.

Environmental, quality & working environment policy


Corporate social responsibility

As a trustworthy and reliable partner, customers have confidence in us and our products, not just for their quality but because they are built to be environmentally and socially responsible. This comes from a focus on continuous improvement, not only in innovating our products and solutions but also in how we make them more responsibly. We base our decisions on common sense and on step-by-step improvement. LINAK®, therefore, works actively with five important areas:

  • We improve your life
  • We take care of each other
  • We take care of the environment
  • We are locally committed and globally conscious
  • We set expectations

Corporate social responsibility §99a - 2024

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