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LINAK Quality Policy:

LINAK is committed to satisfying our customers.

  • By providing quality and innovative products
  • By ensuring quality in all processes, adherance to requirements, and continuous improvement
  • By delivering quality and service to customers in all touchpoints

We develop our core processes and work according to best practice standards.

We achieve this with competent and motivated employees.

We meet requirements and work with continuous improvements.


Environmental policy:

LINAK wants to include and meet environmental requirements and market requirements in product development and manufacturing of products:

  • We develop products with low energy consumption in approved materials.
  • It is our aim not to stress the environment unnecessarily and to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.
  • We influence the environmental awareness of our employees to achieve eco-friendly behavior.

We live up to existing legislation.


Working environment policy:

LINAK wants a good working environment:

  • It is our aim that no employees get hurt physically or mentally.
  • We focus on preventive work which is the foundation of our health and safety work.
  • We visualize the good working environment and develop behavior.
  • We support health promoting initiatives and activities.

The responsibility for the working environment is placed in the individual departments of LINAK.

It is the working environment organization’s responsibility to ensure the framework in connection with the working environment activities. This also includes that the work is carried out in collaboration between the company and the employees.

We comply with applicable law.

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