Actuator systems for pedestal recliners

When it comes to successfully developing movement systems for modern recliners, a focus on quality, easy assembly, and respect for the designer’s freedom to design are absolutely essential.

In order to help manufacturers and designers create first-class pedestal recliners with smooth and low-noise movement, we have developed systems that provide a number of benefits – especially when space is scarce and the risk of squeezing cables is high. These systems allow us to reduce the number of cables and to make the systems much easier to mount.

Space-saving set-up
LINAK® adjustment systems for recliners consist of two or more LA10 actuators, connected in a series. Plug in the tailor-made LINAK BLE-dongle (BLE2DC) to one of the actuators in the series and connect wirelessly to the chair’s control unit. A new feature of this LINAK system is that we are using a technology that sends both power and data through the same cable - removing several cables and elements (e.g. the traditional control box) from the system. Fewer cables to worry about, and fewer causes of quality issues later.

Quick to assemble and easy to use
We have made sure there is only one way to connect the LA10 actuators, i.e. it is almost impossible to go wrong. It is easy and intuitive to put the system together and to place it inside your application without compromising your design. We also made it simple for you to reconfigure the system yourself. If you need other configurations, simply use our hands-on configurator.

It does not get much easier or much simpler than that. Just plug and play.

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LINAK actuator system for recliners. When comfort is your bottom line.


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Actuator systems for recliners

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