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Bluetooth® dongle

Bluetooth® Low Energy unit creating a wireless connection between the electric actuator system in pedestal recliners and the application’s control panel. Simply plug into either of the system’s actuators.

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LINAK actuator system for recliners. When comfort is your bottom line.

Bluetooth® dongle

This Bluetooth® dongle is designed for use with electric actuator systems in adjustable recliners.  It is easily plugged into either of the serially connected actuators where it forms a wireless connection to the control unit.

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LA10 system data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

LA10 system user manual

This user manual will explain how to pair, set up and use the LA10 system for recliners.

Actuator systems for recliners

Explore our reliable actuator systems for adjustable recliners with a wireless control unit. We conducted research to make sure that this system takes the entire value chain into consideration.

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Recliner - How do I assemble the LA10 system for recliners without a battery?

Learn how to assemble the LA10 actuator system for recliners without a battery.

The system in the video consist of the following:

  • Single actuator LA10
  • Mounting bracket MB001 (mounting this is described in Mounting the control unit for LA10)
  • Charging point CP002
  • Connection cable
  • Safety release cable
  • Power cable
  • SMPS006
  • Charging cable
  1. Plug the Bluetooth® dongle into the LA10 actuator - you know it is in place when you hear a click.
  2. Connect the two LA10 actuator with the connection cable.
  3. Connect the Charging Point to the actuator LA10 using the remaining free slot.
  4. Connect the power cable to the power supply SMPS006.
  5. Plug the charging cable into the SMPS006 and connect the safety release cable..
  6. Connect the safety release cable to the charging point.
  7. You now have an assembled system for recliners

For more information about the LINAK® Recliner system, please visit the recliner application page.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG Inc. and any use of such marks and logos by LINAK® is under license.

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Our team is ready to assist you with technical information, starting a project and more.

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