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Comfort furniture

Recliner sofas with maximum comfort

Actuator systems for electric recliner sofas enable adjustment of sofas at the touch of a button. Serial connection with plug and play, a limited number of cables and a wireless control means the systems are easy to integrate into almost any design.

Electric adjustable recliner sofa with la10 actuator system

Electric actuator systems for high-quality recliner sofas

Flexible solutions for complex applications
The LINAK® actuator system for recliners is the perfect match for an application with multiple adjustable elements, such as a recliner sofa. The compact design of the system and the reduced number of cables makes it easy to integrate in any sofa design. With a wireless control unit, you have flexible mounting options for different sections of the application using one or more control options.

Common problems solved
A system consists of up to 5 actuators connected in series, one or more control units and a charging point. The daisy chain principle allows the system to be connected in a random order, and with no control box necessary, you get maximum design freedom. The entire system is based on research and input from several stakeholders across the value chain of electric adjustable recliners and solves the most common problems such as broken cables, fluctuating built-in dimensions and deeply discharged batteries.

Optimised battery solution
A feature of the system solution is the LINAK BA002 battery. The intelligent battery box solves several problems revealed in our field research, in particular deep discharge. The system becomes even more attractive as the battery and charging options provide the freedom to place the application anywhere.

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LA10 and BP12


Actuator systems for recliners

Explore our reliable actuator systems for adjustable recliners with a wireless control unit. We conducted research to make sure that this system takes the entire value chain into consideration.

My Recliner™ App brochure

Use the LINAK My Recliner™ App as a different kind of hand control. Learn what the app offers and how to customise it.

HOMELINE product overview

Explore the variety of HOMELINE systems and products for both adjustable beds and recliners.

Comfort furniture applications

LINAK actuator solutions create comfortable movement in various leisure applications such as comfort beds, recliners, and sofas.

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