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LINAK actuator systems for pedestal recliners are easy to integrate into almost any design. The system components are small and easy to ‘hide’ inside your design. Configuration is made simpler than ever before, allowing you to make it fit your unique design. Furthermore, several innovative details will give your movement system a significant quality boost.

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Electric actuator systems for quality recliners

Designing elegant comfort furniture, such as pedestal recliners, is no easy task. Customers are demanding applications that are smooth, quiet, and which last for many years. And adjustment control must be simple and intuitive and must work right away. With LINAK® actuators you can have it all:

  • Quality movement with fewer cables
  • Hands-on configuration options to fit your design
  • Design freedom without compromise

LINAK® has almost 20 years of experience making innovative movement solutions for comfort furniture. To optimise design and function without having the two compromise each other is no easy task. However, it is perhaps the most essential part to master in order to succeed. Our job is to ensure that you get the most reliable system in the world and that you retain the world and retain the freedom to design. Here is how we do it.

Eliminate weak spots and enhance quality
Bent and broken cables in movement systems are often the root cause of failure and unstable performance. LINAK solutions use Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect movement systems to control panels. By removing cables going through bending points, you eliminate the culprit and ensure lasting performance for your customers.

Enjoy customisable configuration of your recliner system
No two chair designs are the same. Also, fashion and trends change quickly, and so does furniture design. Our movement systems allow you to configure – and reconfigure – actuator speed or stroke length to fit each of your recliner designs. And even though the system is modular and gives you multiple options, everything is plug and play, making it incredibly fast and intuitive to assemble.

Retain design freedom with invisible movement solution
Actuator systems for pedestal recliners must be able to disappear completely into the overall chair design. LINAK solutions for recliners consist of fewer parts than other systems, and they are made extremely discreet and easy to hide inside the chair. This allows your designers full freedom to design. 
If you want to know more about high-quality actuator systems for recliners, please contact your local LINAK office.   

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LA10 and BP12


HOMELINE product overview

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Actuator systems for recliners

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Comfort furniture applications

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