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10 reasons to choose LINAK for your bed

When you choose LINAK® systems for your beds, you get truly valuable solutions. We present ten reasons to choose LINAK for your bed. Reasons include our 0,1 in stand by power consumption, 100% function testing of all products, local approvals and wireless hand controls. Get all the reasons below.

Minimise energy consumption
The LINAK ZERO™ technology ensures a low energy consumption for your elevation bed – as low as 0.1 W in standby mode.

Apart from reducing the power bill, this helps minimise the CO2 footprint of your movement solution significantly. Furthermore, the ZERO™ technology reduces the magnetic field that always appears around electric applications. In short, the bed sleeps along with the user, keeping the bed a radiation-free zone.

Our TWINDRIVE® motors have low standby power as standard. For products that have low standby power consumption, just look for the ZERO™ logo.

Standby power

PVC-Free™ – environment
LINAK engineers continually try to develop and improve our products in order to minimise the environmental impact. The dual actuators TD4 and TD5 are both made from LINAK® PVC Free™ materials – cables and housing etc. This is good for the environment – indoor as well as outdoor.

PVC free

100% function-tested
When you deal with LINAK, you can expect quality in every detail. Every LINAK actuator system for comfort furniture undergoes a 100% function test. New products are always put through an extensive series of repetitive tests.
We have the most extensive test centre for electric actuators in the world. Every product is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory. LINAK has been developing and manufacturing actuators since 1976. We know that to make high-quality movement solutions for a variety of applications, testing is important.

Function test

Maximise the free space under the bed
Due to the slim inline design of a LINAK dual actuator, the system tucks away nicely under a bed. The systems merge seamlessly into the overall application design, providing maximum space underneath the application for easy cleaning or storage.

Maximum free space

The right approvals
Globalisation is a fact. However, standardisation is not, and requirements for adjustable comfort beds vary as much as the users enjoying their luxury. Standards and approvals differ from region to region – sometimes from country to country.

Using LINAK actuator solutions you can rest assured our system has the correct approvals. We also offer help and advice with your applications in order to set out both your and our responsibility. Working with LINAK you have a partner familiar with standards and approvals across the world, and a reliable supplier of world-class electric actuator systems.

The right approvals

Use an app as control
Mobile devices have become a part of everyday life. With an elevation bed powered by LINAK dual actuators, you always have the option of using an app on a smartphone or tablet to adjust your bed.

The app can also be customised to reflect your brand or even tailored with the LINAK Software Developer Kit.

Bed Control App

Wireless hand control
A hand control is one of the few technical parts of adjustable comfort furniture that end users relate to daily. Functionality, design and appearance must go hand in hand.

All adjustable beds powered by LINAK actuators come with wireless hand controls. This means cables never get in the way, and users can keep the control within easy reach. All LINAK controls come with ergonomic design and intuitive icons. They are available in both standard and advanced versions.


For easy transport and mounting: Low weight systems
Not only are all LINAK dual actuators low weight and the inline design means they can be packed 79 by the pallet, they also come with two easy-to-use closing devices. As the dual actuators are designed to fit with the universal twist brackets, they should fit smoothly.

Simply, place the dual actuator on top of the universal twist brackets, slide on the closing devices, plug to mains and pair the system with your hand control.

Light weight

We made it easy to pack, ship and install the LINAK dual actuator and apply reliable adjustment to your comfort furniture. In just four steps, an adjustable comfort bed with a LINAK system can be ready to pack and ship to your customer.

Silence technology
Sound and sleep go hand in hand. Most people require absolute silence in order to fall asleep, and most experts argue that nothing disturbs a healthy sleep more than noise.  However, noise is far more than a snoring partner or distant traffic. For example, are you paying enough attention to the sound from the actuators in your adjustable bed? Sound inaudible to your ear can still affect your body and brain – especially when you sleep.

We see pleasant sound as a natural and integrated part of a comfort bed. We take sound seriously.

Pleasant sound

In making movement solutions for comfort beds, LINAK pays close attention to sound. In fact, it plays a key role when we develop solutions. Through the decades sound has been a defining factor for LINAK dual actuators. We are proud to say that our solutions are some of the most low-noise in the market, allowing you to adjust your bed at night without waking up your partner.

Emergency lowering during power blackouts
Through more than 30 local sales offices across the world, LINAK has gained extensive market insight during the past couple of decades. We know that some areas have well-developed power grids while other areas struggle with the occasional blackout.

Using LINAK actuator systems, however, you are always on the safe side. Our dual actuators are all equipped with a mechanical emergency lowering key. It is easy to reach and simple to operate when power is out. Alternatively, we suggest an optional 9 V battery for the emergency lowering.

Emergency lowering
LINAK World class production play-icon

LINAK world-class production

LINAK TWINDRIVE® TD4 – your next generation of dual actuator systems play-icon

LINAK TWINDRIVE TD4 - your next generation of dual actuator systems

LINAK TWINDRIVE® TD4 Mechanical Emergency Lowering play-icon

LINAK TWINDRIVE® TD4 Mechanical Emergency Lowering

LINAK TWINDRIVE® TD4 Mounting play-icon


LINAK TWINDRIVE® TD4 Pairing play-icon


Behind the scenes: LINAK® dual actuator production in Slovakia play-icon

Behind the scenes: LINAK® dual actuator production in Slovakia


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