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Motor housing column systems

If you need lifting columns that are genuinely easy to integrate with multiple desk designs, a LINAK® system with motor housing columns is the way to go.

Motor housing column systems

Multiple advantages for office desks

In essence, any LINAK® system is made of one or more lifting columns, a control box for steering and a control panel, which are all connected together.

It is your choice which features you add to your application – from feet and top frames to various customisations. When choosing a LINAK system and combining it with our accessories, you can rest assured that everything fits together. This is what we call Plug & Play™ .


Motor housing columns

All of the extensive LINAK motor housing column programme fits into the same frame construction and has been designed to be easily mounted to your furniture.

Our motor housing columns are known for their high quality, stability and a high degree of customisation. So whether you are looking for various leg designs (rectangular, square or round profiles – with options for a clean design), unique colours (black, grey, white, or your very own colour), certain setups (standard or turned upside down), heights (2-part or 3-part legs), special load options (standard or heavy load), integrated anti-collision sensors or optimisation for certain furniture setups (e.g. bench desks) – LINAK has it all!

DL6, DL19 and DL11.

Control box or Integrated Controller

Standard motor housing column systems need a control box for their operation, allowing several customisations. This makes the Control Box CBD6S the brain of a standard motor housing column system. Depending on the control box variant, it can steer up to 4 lifting columns – and if you want to interconnect even more columns, simply add another control box to your setup. As well as being designed for Plug & Play with no initialisation needed, LINAK control boxes are lightweight, come in a slim and elegant design, and are made incredibly easy to mount.


Simple 2-column desk systems can use motor housing columns with an Integrated Controller (IC). In this system, the control box is integrated in the column and mains supply is provided via an external SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) unit.


Desk panel

All LINAK desk panels are designed to be user-friendly and easy to integrate. From minimalist to advanced panels with digital features such as integrated displays, memory functions and Bluetooth® connectivity. Choose the desk panel you like, simply plug it into your system and you are up and running.


Elements that complete your desk system setup

Once you have chosen your system, it is time to integrate it into your desk design. You can add a Kick and Click top frame, which is available for several desk widths and is optimised for mounting motor housing columns to your table top.

Another obvious choice is the combination of a DL Feet set. These come in an attractive design and in several variants. With just a few screws, you have an attractive and stable system.

Finally, you can add other accessories such as the Desk Sensor™ 1 Anti-Collision™ solution to your system, which protects your desk from colliding objects when driving the desk up or down. Or add the battery option BA001 for mobile desk setups.


Customise with the broadest product range on the market

Multiple column profiles and different system solutions comprise arguably the most comprehensive product portfolio for office desks and work stations on the market. Regardless of product or system type, everything fits together, making LINAK desk systems the most customisable and intuitive to work with.

If you want to know more about our system solutions for office desks and workstations, do not hesitate to contact your local LINAK office.

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Kick & Click play-icon

Kick & Click - innovative office desk assembly

Desk Frame 1: How to assemble an office desk play-icon

Desk Frame 1- How to assemble an office desk

Introducing Desk Frame 1 play-icon

Introducing Desk Frame 1

Compact series of DESKLINE control boxes from LINAK set the standard play-icon

Compact series of DESKLINE control boxes from LINAK set the standard


DESKLINE product overview

If you make any kind of desk, table or counter that people work behind, a height adjustable electric actuator solution is the flexible way to gain a competitive edge and improve your business.

Desk Frame 1 brochure

Explore the full frame LINAK concept ‘Desk Frame 1’ - everything you need to build your electric sit-stand desk. It is made of three sets: Kick & Click™ top frame, a DL SetPack (containing columns, a desk panel, a control box and cables) and DL Feet.

DESKLINE quality matters

We use high quality components, state-of-the art production and the most demanding testing standards in the industry to achieve excellent quality.

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