Lifting columns


A 3-stage lifting column with motor housing and a unique square profile design. Ideal for office desks and tables, and comes with the LINAK Kick & Click™ solution, making it very easy to mount.

Product description


The DL19 is a 3-stage lifting column with square profiles and a motor housing. With a stroke length of 650 mm and an installation dimension of 560 mm, you will be able to create a variety of height adjustable office desks or workstations. The invisible gliding pads and minimal spacing between profiles add to the exquisite design.

Add LINAK PIEZO™ without compromising assembly time
LINAK PIEZO technology can also be added to DL19. Using our Anti-Collision solution, the column will automatically detect obstructions to avoid damage. LINAK PIEZO is a hardware-based solution that requires no additional installation. 

Cut assembly time in half with Kick & Click™
Being part of the LINAK motor housing column family, the DL19 aligns perfectly with the LINAK Kick & Click solution. With our clever mounting solution, you can easily assemble your desk in one move - just kick & click together the system.  


Product data sheet

DL19 data sheet

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Brochures & manuals

DL19 user manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK DESKLINE products.

DESKLINE product overview

If you make any kind of desk, table or counter that people work behind, a height adjustable electric actuator solution is the flexible way to gain a competitive edge and improve your business.

PIEZO hardware based anti-collision technology

Ensure long lifetime for your desk with PIEZO - a hardware based anti-collision solution. Learn more about the situations where you appreciate the PIEZO feature.

Kick & Click brochure

The uniqueness of the Kick & Click solution is highlighted in this brochure.

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