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Lifting columns


LC3 IC is a 3-stage vertical electric lifting column that comes with an integrated controller (IC™), which facilitates on-board control and diagnostics of the lifting column. The industrial communication interfaces make the LC3 IC the go-to lifting column for applications such as cobot palletisers and height-adjustable conveyor belts, or for industrial ergonomics.

The LC3 IC is available in a variant called ELEVATE™ designed specifically for cobot applications, which includes specific interfaces, software drivers and accessories.


The LC3 IC electric lifting column comes with a built-in controller to facilitate easy integration into industrial applications. The integrated controller allows you to choose between digital and analogue signals or Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP. These interfaces provide several feedback options like position, speed, current temperature, status and error codes.

The brushless DC motor enables better motor control and precise positioning, which results in smooth acceleration and an increased lifetime.

The LC3 IC can push or pull loads of up to 1000 N with a speed of up to 100 mm/sec. The speed is adjustable and independent of the load. If higher loads are needed, please contact your local LINAK office.

LC3 IC is ideal for applications in areas such as material handling as well as industrial automation and ergonomics, as it features:

  • Integrated controller: easy integration due to compact size and industrial interfaces
  • BLDC motor: for precise control and longer lifetime
  • Speed up to 100 mm/sec: adjustable and independent of load

The LC3 IC comes in a 3-stage version and offers stroke lengths of up to 1100 mm. The column can handle high bending moments - dynamic as well as static - and can be mounted in both vertical directions.

The integrated controller removes the need for an external control box, which makes the LC3 IC fit even where space is limited.

With its faint sound, this discreet electric lifting column also benefits the work environment.

Do you want to use the LC3 IC for your cobot application? Read more about ELEVATE™ for cobot palletisers.

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ELEVATE™ Data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

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ELEVATE™ - LC3 IC User manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your ELEVATE lifting column.

Modbus TCP/IP User manual

This user manual will tell you about the functionality of our Modbus TCP/IP interface.

Got a question?

Our team is ready to assist you with technical information, starting a project and more.

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