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TECHLINE testing - robust and reliable

In each application, the actuator is just one component of many, but at TECHLINE®, we fully appreciate that it is of utmost importance to you and your customers. Not a single actuator leaves LINAK® until it has undergone a 100% function test.

Depending on the actuator type, various tests have been carried out. Please consult your local LINAK office or take a look at the actuator data sheet in question to get a thorough test overview. 
This is your guarantee that a solution based on LINAK TECHLINE electric actuator systems is a solution that will work reliably for years and years.

Climatic test
In the climatic test, actuators are tested to ensure that they can operate in extreme temperatures and in situations where there are rapid temperature fluctuations. In some tests, actuators have to withstand going from a +100°C environment to -30°C repeatedly whilst still maintaining full functionality.

Weather protection
In the weather protection test, resistance to both dust and water is tested. The TECHLINE range also includes a number of electric actuators that are tested to withstand high-pressure cleaning. 

Salt spray test
In the salt spray test, the actuator undergoes up to 500 hours of alternating periods of salt spraying and humidity storage.

Chemicals test
The ability to handle relevant chemicals is tested by exposing the actuator to substances such as diesel, hydraulic oil, urea nitrogen, fertilisers, liquid lime, etc.

Electric tests
All electric parts, like power supply, power and signals cables, control signals, are tested. Electric immunity is tested according to industrial standards, such as for radio noise, electric discharge and burst.

Mechanical tests

  • Vibration – The actuator must be able to withstand continuous vibration in three directions.
  • Shock – The shock test puts the actuator through three shocks of up to 100 G in each of six directions
  • Bump – The actuator receives bumps of up to 40 G in each of six directions several hundred times.
If you would like to know more about testing at LINAK, have a look at the video below.


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Electric linear actuator solutions for agricultural machinery from the LINAK® TECHLINE® division play-icon

Electric linear actuator solutions for agricultural machinery from the LINAK TECHLINE segment

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LINAK TECHLINE R&D and Production – Behind the scenes


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Each and every component in an actuator is subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests at the LINAK test centre. Learn more in this folder.

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