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Material handling

Unit load mobile robot solutions

LINAK offers a wide portfolio of actuators for unit load mobile robots with lifting units.

Unit load mobile robot

Actuators for top lifting on unit load mobile robots

Unit load mobile robots use integrated or attached lifting modules to transport trolleys, racks or pallets. The purpose is often to transport goods from A to B, where the autonomous robot picks and drops the goods.

This robot is also able to operate as a kind of flexible conveyer in an assembly line. A lifting unit is used to pick and drop the workpiece and adapt the work height during assembly for ergonomic benefits. Our actuators meet key design requirements with:

  • Parallel run of actuators for lifting heavy loads
  • Standard communication interfaces for precise control and data monitoring
  • Long lifetime and reliability

Mobile robots are available with integrated lifting units, but there are also manufacturers who offer robots without an application on top. Such tailored attachments are designed by third-party system integrators who use the provided interface for control and power supply.

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Parallel run of actuators for lifting heavy loads
Unit load Autonomous Mobile Robots are designed to lift and transport payloads of up to 2,000 kg. Two or more actuators are often used for payload balance and load distribution and must run in parallel. LINAK® integrated software allows to control up to eight actuators in parallel and thus lift even higher payloads.

Standard communication interfaces for precise control and data monitoring
Our actuators support power supply up to 48 V as well as standard communication interfaces like CANopen, IO-Link and digital/analogue IO. Feedback signals, which enable precise control and data monitoring, allow manufacturers or system integrators to easily integrate our actuators.

Long lifetime and reliability
To meet customer expectations, operators aim to run warehouses 24/7. Downtime for services and repairs must be kept low. With our Long Life actuators and the B10 lifetime calculator, you can match the actuator lifetime with the service intervals of your application. Our actuators are highly reliable due to the thoroughly tested design.

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LINAK electric actuator LA36
Material-handling 101 – Unique mobile robot at work in LINAK® Machining play-icon

Material-handling 101 – Unique mobile robot at work in LINAK Machining

Hunter explaining what B10 life is play-icon

B10 Life | Actuator Academy™

Hunter Stephenson presenting LINAK brushless DC motors play-icon

Brushless DC motors | Actuator Academy™


LINAK test brochure

Each and every component in an actuator is subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests at the LINAK test centre. Learn more in this folder.

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