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Industrial automation

Textile machine solutions

LINAK actuators allow for monitoring and precise aligning of cradles and accurate stacking of fabric in textile machines.

Textile machines

Precise actuator solutions in textile machines

A combined focus on cost-efficiency and environmental sustainability has been the main challenge facing the textile industry recently. OEMs want to minimise downtime and waste and at the same time, deliver sustainable solutions. With electric actuators responsible for motion in modern textile machines, you will be able to add several benefits to your application:

  • Cost-efficient and environmentally friendly motion 
  • Intelligent solutions easy to install
  • Tried and tested actuator technology

Due to imposed regulations to reduce power consumption in the textile production, organisations are looking for ways to optimise their operations without losing efficiency. This paves the way for new technology solutions such as electric actuators. LINAK solutions add to the efforts with intelligent motion of cradles and precision stacking of fabric.

Save energy and money with low-energy actuators
Electric actuators do not require pumps or compressors. This means that standby power consumption is significantly reduced – for some electric actuators it is nearly zeroed. The degree of energy efficiency is generally higher, the absence of hoses makes maintenance almost redundant, and the amount of downtime reduced significantly.

Get actuator feedback to refine machinery
LINAK solutions integrate easily with BUS communication control systems. This means inherent ability to monitor and precisely adjust height and position of cradles, cutters, etc. using remote control or system software. The compact solution design also makes it easy to install.

Use tried and tested solutions with a long service life
At LINAK all actuators are tested thoroughly before they are released. This includes shocks, bumps, continuous vibrations, fluctuating temperatures as well as water and detergents when washed down. Years of experience have given LINAK solutions a warranted long service life, regardless of exterior conditions.
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Linear actuator LA12
LINAK® electric actuators -- Cost-efficient movement with high accuracy for textile machines play-icon

LINAK electric actuators - cost-efficient movement with high accuracy for textile machines

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Industrial automation solutions

LINAK actuators provide intelligent movement, precise adjustment, and accurate loading within modern industrial automation.

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How to get Plug & Play™ movement for your industrial application

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