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Feeding automation systems

Integrating intelligent electric actuators in a feeding automation system allows farmers to specify feed supply and monitor livestock during feeding time.

Feeding automation

Improved feeding automation with actuator solutions

Feeding time can be rather hectic for farmers. Especially for large farms, where the amount, type, or mix of feed can vary. Some animals require special feed due to illness or time of gestation, while others need feeding simultaneously. With customised electric actuator solutions added to the feeding automation control system, you can offer farmers:

  • Precise automation of feed supply
  • Easier feeding process that will free up time to monitor livestock
  • Clean and low-maintenance solution compatible with most control systems

It takes time to get through the stable during feeding time. This is especially true in large farms where the age and condition of livestock can vary a lot, and thus require diverse feed mixes. Electric actuator solutions move valves in feed units and fodder valves. The latter are often placed in positions out of reach for the farmer, making electric solutions safer and more convenient.

Optimise feed supply and reduce waste
Modern feeding automation gives the farmer the opportunity to mix fodder portions for each animal and, with a LINAK actuator solution, release it as scheduled. LINAK actuators interface smoothly with most feeding systems and give feedback to reduce waste in the event of power cuts or other emergency stops.

Free up time for the farmer to monitor livestock
Intelligent actuator solutions allow automated feeding systems to coordinate release of feed containers. This gives farmers more time to monitor the animals during feeding and to keep certain animals under observation - such as during illness.

Get a reliable, clean and low-maintenance solution
Electric actuators have no pumps, hoses or compressors. This means no weak spots or leaking oil, which will pollute the fodder. LINAK solutions are both easy to customise and to install and require almost no maintenance. Actuators are thoroughly tested to work in harsh, dusty or even wet conditions and tolerate washing.

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Linear actuator LA25
Actuator solutions from LINAK® -- automated agriculture feeding systems for optimised production play-icon

Actuator solutions from LINAK - automated agriculture feeding systems for optimised production

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Focus on ventilation and farming solutions

An electric actuator from LINAK is an obvious choice for harsh environments with moisture, dust and temperature changes; we know how essential a well-operating ventilation system is to the farmer.

TECHLINE product overview

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LINAK test brochure

Each and every component in an actuator is subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests at the LINAK test centre. Learn more in this folder.

Actuator solutions in farming

Electric actuators help ensure climate control, optimise feeding automation and provide intelligent ventilation in stables all over the world.

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Videos related to feeding automation

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in feeding automation. Watch our videos and be inspired.

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With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators play-icon

With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators

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