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Lifting columns


The lifting column LC1 is tailor-made for use in medical applications and adds a powerful and stable new option to the LC family of columns.

The 3-stage telescopic column has many customisation possibilities, both for height and performance, and offers a more precise choice of movement within the range of up to 4,000 N.

Applications where the LC1 adds real value include treatment chairs, couches, hospital beds, incubators and stretchers.


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LC1 theme

With the new LC1, the versatile LC lifting column range now offers an even wider choice of power. Now you can select the exact power class you need for your application without wasteful overpowering.

This powerful lifting column is perfect for healthcare applications where off-centre loads are common. Its high bending moment ensures a solid and stable movement. In treatment and examination environments, its rock-steady 3-stage telescopic design provides both power and height where needed.

The LC1 offers a stroke length from 200 mm to 900 mm and a minimum built-in dimension of 250 mm, giving a high degree of customisation and design flexibility. Designed for full functionality, regardless of application, the LC1 is created for optimal ergonomics and increased efficiency of the care staff workflow.

A smooth and cleaning-friendly surface and discreet cable management makes it easy to maintain a high hygiene level around the application. Its high-end matt finish and hidden cables also improve the overall application design.

Depending on the application’s need for speed and lifting capacity, the powerful push factor of the LC1 is ideal for applications requiring push factors up to 4,000 N or pull factors up to 2,000 N.

Ensuring high quality throughout, the LC1 uses durable and long-lasting components and materials in a modern design for a long lifetime of heavy use. Rigorously tested in the industry’s toughest test lab, it delivers total performance confidence in critical medical applications. The LC1 is trusted to last and has the required power to lift even the heaviest loads confidently, time and time again.

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LINAK lifting columns: LC1 family play-icon

LINAK LC1 - The power of choice

LINAK LC1 play-icon

LINAK LC1 - The powerful column

LC1 data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

Lifting columns user manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK electronics.

LC1 lifting column - the possibilities are endless

Bringing powerful and stable movement to your medical applications, the highly flexible LC1 lifting column is ideal for various medical applications.

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