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The power of choice

With the addition of the LC1, we have extended the versatile LC lifting column product family to offer an even wider choice of power ranges. Now you can select exactly the power class you need for your application. Now you can get precisely the power you need with the features you require – nothing more, nothing less.

LINAK LC1 lifting column close up

With its customised options, the LC1 makes designing the perfect system solution for your application in terms of power, speed, size, and economy so much simpler: That’s the power of choice.


The ideal lifting column for medium-scale medical applications

The LC1 is designed to give you a more precise choice of column with a range of up to 4,000 N. Tailor-made for medical applications, the LC1 brings a powerful and stable new option to the LC family of columns.


Customised for your application

Highly flexible, the column offers a wide choice of customisation possibilities thanks to its range of height and performance capabilities. The compact form of the new and improved LC1 and its streamlined looks make it easy to integrate into your next design.


Designed for efficiency and ergonomics

In operating, treatment and examination environments, its strong and stable 3-stage telescopic design provides power and height where needed. End users will appreciate the efficiency boost of easy and swift adjustment for high efficiency and improved ergonomics.


Built to trusted LINAK standards

Sharing all the familiar characteristics that make the LINAK LC product range the benchmark for thoroughbred quality, the LC1 continues our commitment to provide customers with high-performance systems for the electric adjustment of various medical applications.

Learn more about the LC1 here.

LINAK lifting columns: LC1 family play-icon

LINAK LC1 - The power of choice

LINAK LC1 play-icon

LINAK LC1 - The powerful column


LC1 lifting column - the possibilities are endless

Bringing powerful and stable movement to your medical applications, the highly flexible LC1 lifting column is ideal for various medical applications.

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