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News 31 January 2017

Imagine a world without cables

With the battery BA001, you can avoid all mains cables. It works with various DESKLINE® and HOMELINE® systems, and is ideal for mobile applications, such as mobile carts or applications where a mains cable would be in the way, like recliners.

Imagine a world without cables

Easy mounting, fast in operation
Mount the bracket to your application and simply click on the battery. When plugged into the application you are in operation and mobile.

ZERO power consumption
With ZERO™ Technology the battery BA001 has a standby power consumption lower than 0.1W when not in use.

Intuitive status indicator
The BA001 features LED bars indicating capacity level and the audio alarm beeps when it's time to recharge.

Flexible charging
When you need to charge, simply plug in a mains cable to the control box or click off the battery and recharge it via an SMPS006 or the control box CBD6S elsewhere.

Imagine a world without cables

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