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Adjustable worktops

LINAK Baselift™ actuator systems provide smooth and ergonomic height adjustment of worktops in modern kitchens.

Kitchen - adjustable workstop

Baselift™ actuator solutions for kitchen worktops

A trend towards merging kitchens with living rooms is growing steadily worldwide. Modern families spend more time together and the kitchen is often the centre of activity. This requires more flexible application solutions in order to help different family members adjust the worktop, etc. to the optimal work height. Choosing LINAK as your partner when developing ergonomic solutions for modern kitchens has several benefits:

  • Retain design freedom with easy-to-integrate systems
  • Gain market leadership with durable actuation
  • Partner with an experienced and global expert

The focus on ergonomics has spread from workplaces into residential homes. Large and open kitchens allowing the whole family to work and cook together require an utterly new and different setup. As family members vary a lot in size, there is no such thing as an optimal one-fits-all work height. The unique and innovative LINAK Baselift™ system enables everyone to elevate the worktop to the optimal level.

Retain design freedom with a system that is easy to integrate
A compact design and only a few cables make LINAK products easy to fit in nicely with most modern kitchen designs. Height adjustment using a LINAK Baselift™ system, for instance, means only the controls are visible and nothing will interfere with your kitchen design. It allows you to use standard cabinets, and it will not steal kitchen space from the end-user.

Be a market leader with tried and tested actuators
All LINAK products are thoroughly tested prior to release. This minimises the need for maintenance to almost zero and significantly extends application lifespan. With a LINAK Baselift solution, you can deliver smooth motion to your kitchen worktop and allow the user to control it discreetly via an integrated control panel or with a Desk Control™ app.

Harness 30 years of knowledge with a global partner
For more than three decades, LINAK has refined the electric linear actuator. LINAK continuously optimises quality in the sense of reliability, durability, low-noise emission, easy integration, PVC-Free™ materials and low power consumption and set the benchmark. This has brought LINAK across the world and enabled us to offer you help, support and delivery almost anywhere on the globe. 

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Adjustable worktop system


Baselift: ergonomics meets innovation

Baselift is a compact unit used for height adjustment of kitchens, cabinets and counters.

Bring movement to the kitchen

A healthy working position is important in all our everyday activities, regardless of whether we are at work or at home. That is why LINAK developed Baselift for height adjustability of a kitchen tabletop.

Focus on kitchens

Take your kitchen to the next level. The sky is the limit when it comes to how electric movement can improve tomorrow’s kitchen.

DESKLINE product overview

If you make any kind of desk, table or counter that people work behind, a height adjustable electric actuator solution is the flexible way to gain a competitive edge and improve your business.

DESKLINE quality matters

We use high quality components, state-of-the art production and the most demanding testing standards in the industry to achieve excellent quality.

Solutions for kitchens

LINAK actuator systems create height adjustment of worktops and tables as well as movement of downdrafts and shelves in modern kitchens.

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Systems for adjustable worktops

Creating an adjustable worktop for private home kitchens requires a specialised system that will not interfere with needed storage space or overall design. To this end, LINAK developed the Baselift™ system – a unique height adjustment solution for adjustable kitchen applications.

Videos related to adjustable worktops

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in adjustable worktops. Watch our videos and be inspired.

LINAK Baselift - Ergonomics meets innovation play-icon

LINAK Baselift - ergonomics meets innovation

How to mount a Baselift system from LINAK in a kitchen play-icon

How to mount a Baselift system from LINAK in a kitchen

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