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News 05 December 2019

Users can use shortcuts to personalise their hand controls

With the Advanced editions of the LINAK hand control HC40 series you cannot only store your favourite positions. You can also create your own shortcuts to features and, for instance, recreate your favourite seating position with just one click. Return to an optimal reading-in-bed position at any time – just click once!

Save positions as a shortcut in the HC40 Advanced

We all know that feeling of having found something great – delicious food, beautiful clothes, an extra comfortable chair, a feature that works for you, or a really good reading position in bed. It is hard to explain – it just works. Fast forward to the situation when you are trying to replicate the experience, trying to prepare that same dish, find similar clothes, or recreate that comfortable reading position. It is almost impossible!

Well, not anymore. At least not when it comes to getting comfortable in bed. When you find the perfect reading position in your adjustable bed, or you use the same feature over and over again, we say: Make it a shortcut!

Read the full story and get more details on the options for shortcuts and storing favourite positions.

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