HC40 FRAME™ Advanced

The elegant hand control HC40 FRAME™ by LINAK® is a multi-functional and customisable wireless remote for modern comfort beds. It is Nordic Design at its best, using input from a comprehensive user survey. The Advanced edition comes with features such as a silent alarm, torch light, favourite positions, and intuitive navigation.

Product description

HC40 FRAME™ Advanced

The hand control HC40 FRAME™ for operating electric adjustable beds is designed to match modern bedroom interiors, with features that eliminate the need for multiple bedside devices. No matter how many motors, favourite positions and massage options the bed offers, the design of this remote control remains clean.

The exclusive look of the hand control’s metallic frame perfectly complements the dark matt surface. Reference lines on the back and a navigation point on the front ensure one-grip-reach-all-buttons and an easy orientation of the remote. Set the top row buttons to have favourite features accessible with a single click.

The control is designed for day and night use. The screen brightness adjusts to the surroundings, dimming the light at night, if wanting to check the time. Shake it sideways twice to illuminate a torch that guides the way in the dark. Set an alarm and wake up peacefully the following morning to a vibrating massage - leaving the partner undisturbed. Grab the remote to stop the alarm and get a personalised good morning greeting.

The HC40 FRAME™ is developed for easy customisation, get your own logo as the start-up screen and let your brand be the first thing the user sees. Customise the colour or surface and create a unique offering for a specific brand or bed series.

Product data sheet

HC40 FRAME™ Advanced data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

Brochures & manuals

HC40 Advanced user manual

This user manual will explain how to pair, set up and use the HC40 Advanced hand control.


This is a new generation of hand controls for adjustable comfort beds - designed with you in mind. With the metallic frame, the HC40 FRAME™ versions differ in look from its counterparts, the HC40 TWIST™.

HOMELINE product overview

Explore the variety of TWINDRIVE systems with low noise level and small built-in dimensions used in both box spring beds and slatted beds.


HC40 Advanced: How to save shortcuts

How to save shortcuts in the HC40 Advanced

  1. Enter the 'MY BED' menu
  2. Scroll to the 'SHORTCUT' bar and press 'SELECT'
  3. Choose one of the three shortcuts and press 'SELECT'
  4. Choose the feature you want to programme to the selected shortcut and press 'SELECT'.
  5. The shortcut is now programmed and is accessible from the main screen.

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HC40 Advanced: How to factory reset the hand control

Learn how to factory reset the HC40 Advanced for comfort beds.

  1. Enter the 'MY BED' menu
  2. Scroll to 'ABOUT' and press 'SELECT'
  3. Press 'RESET'
  4. Confirm the action by pressing 'YES'
  5. The HC40 now restarts and the settings are back to factory settings

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HC40 Advanced: How to get started

How to get started with the HC40 TWIST™ Advanced & HC40 FRAME™ Advanced

Set the time:

  1. Use the 'UP' and 'DOWN' buttons to adjust the hours.
  2. Loop to minutes using 'LEFT' and 'RIGHT' arrows and set them with 'UP' and 'DOWN'.
  3. Press 'SAVE'.

Set the day:

  1. Use 'LEFT' and 'RIGHT' arrows to loop between the days.
  2. Press 'SAVE'.

The main screen is now reached. If arrows are shown in the display, you are good to go.

If not, set the bed to pairing mode by applying power to the system and press the two top buttons at the same time.

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HC40 Advanced: How to save favourite positions

How to save favourite positions in the HC40 TWIST™ Advanced and HC40 FRAME™ Advanced

  1. Drive the bed to the desired position.
  2. Loop to the 'SAVE FAVOURITE' screen and press 'SAVE'.
  3. Choose one of the positions and press 'SELECT'.
  4. The current position is now saved and will occur in the main menu loop.

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HC40 Advanced: How to use

How to use and navigate the hand control HC40 Advanced.

The HC40 is designed with a five-way key: Four arrows and a 'SELECT' button. Use these to loop and scroll around the menu and confirm choices with the 'SELECT' button.

The dots in the side of the display indicate the options to the sides.

The top row of buttons refers to the text in the display.

The bed adjustment is done using the 'UP' and 'DOWN' arrows on the screen with the reference.

Use the 'RIGHT' and 'LEFT' arrows to loop to further options: 'FAVOURITE POSITIONS', 'MASSAGE' and the 'MY BED' menu.

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HC40 FRAME™: How to change batteries

Learn how to change the batteries in the hand control HC40 FRAME™

  1. Open the battery lid by pressing the button located inside the oval arch
  2. The battery lid pops up and can be easily removed
  3. You can now exchange the 2 x AAA batteries
  4. Reattach by placing the lower end of the lid and then press below the 'down arrow'

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