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News 01 December 2020

Dare we say it… the most exciting news this year for patient lifts

The new generation of LIFT systems from LINAK takes performance to the next level. Redesigned from the inside out for simplicity and user-friendliness, functionality has never looked so sleek. With the LIFT product series, design is simple, compact and clean looking.

LINAK LIFT50™ - Nurse

The new LIFT™ solution – raise the profile of your next project.

Designed to raise the profile of your next patient lift project

Design is more than just good looks. It is about helping you make products that are easy to clean, effortless to read and straightforward to interact with. For us, design means nothing without the human touch. Welcome to the LIFT™ series, designed with carers in mind.

Simple and functional

Ergonomically designed to make day-to-day tasks less physically demanding and stressful. With streamlined looks and practical, easy-to-use interfaces, the new LIFT™ series simply make lives less complicated.

Safety through protection

Maintaining hygiene is crucial in reducing the risk of infection. Hospitals and care facilities are looking for solutions that can help them now and in the future. To help your customers in our common fight against bacteria, you can now design patient lifts that can withstand very wet conditions. With its IPX6 rating, the LIFT™ series allows you to design patient lifts that can withstand powerful jets of directed water from any direction.


Turbo-boosted performance

Time is valuable for busy carers and their time is better used on patients, not moving lifts into position. That is why we have incorporated a turbo-boost function to make workflows swifter without compromising safety.

Ready for tomorrow’s communication opportunities

Get on-the-spot programming for your next application. With SoftCon2™, you can now work remotely with a LINAK® technician who can fine-tune and customise your software in real time while you see and test the result in your own workshop or lab. And with wireless control and Bluetooth® for upcoming capabilities like data exchange and service, you are ready for the next step on your digital journey.

Stay ahead of the curve

In a fast-changing world, you have to keep moving to stay ahead. As the first and largest provider of actuator systems, LINAK has decades of experience and expertise in doing just that: keeping moving. Our value-adding solutions prepare our customers for tomorrow’s challenges with flexible innovative systems that keep you relevant and ahead of the curve in efficiency, reliability, and end-user experience. Keep moving with LINAK.

LINAK LIFT50™ - Nurse

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