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BAL50 battery pack

The BAL50 is a next generation Li-Ion battery offering high performance and improved return on investment due to its long lifetime. The BAL50 Li-Ion battery pack is part of the LIFT50™ product series, specially developed for patient lifts. The series consists of a COL50 control box, a BAL50 battery and a CHL50 external charger. Combined with one or more actuators and a hand control, you have a complete system for modern patient lifts and sit-to-stand lifts.

BAL50 battery pack

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BAL50 – your next generation battery solution
Thanks to its Li-Ion technology, the BAL50 battery is lighter, smaller and more ergonomically friendly than conventional lead-acid batteries. In addition to its extended lifetime ( up to 5X more than conventional batteries), the reduced weight and size allow you to change it using just one hand.

Created with designers in mind
A streamlined modern design with a readily available stop button created with lift designers in mind: neutral colours, a lack of visible logos and a simple shape make it easy to incorporate into your next lift solution.

A greener profile
The environmental footprint of lithium ion batteries is low. At lifetime's end, only one battery rather than five, needs to be recycled. Transportation-incurred CO2 is also reduced because of the low battery weight, which is half that of lead-acid batteries.

LINAK® go the extra mile for battery safety
At LINAK, safety is a way of life, and we are committed to producing the safest possible products on the market. We acknowledge the incredibly rare risk of a cell failure and design accordingly. By testing and pushing cells to failure in controlled lab experiments, we are able to understand the nature and consequences of cell failure. Only then is it possible to design a battery that is secured to handle potential incidents as safely as possible.

Specially designed enclosure
Sealed enclosures with controlled venting for overpressure relief - surges are blocked by unique output arrestors to ensure enclosure integrity.

Isolated power cells
Adjacent batteries are isolated from each other to stop propagation to other cells.

Electronic Protection
Electronic protection against short circuit, overcharge, over-voltage, excessive draw and under/over temperatures.

Highlights at a glance

  • LINAK Li-Ion battery for more consistent power over a longer lifetime
  • Small and lightweight in an ergonomic package for fast, single-handed battery changing
  • Readily available emergency stop for user convenience
  • Designed for designers to incorporate seamlessly into their next project
  • Li-Ion batteries deliver a faster return on investment due to their long lifetime

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BAL50 data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

LIFT™ user manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK electronics.

LIFT50™ OnePager

State-of-the-art adjustment systems for patient lifts, small and light Li-Ion solution.

LIFT™ brochure

A LIFT™ solution means nothing without LINAK. Next generation State of the Art solution for adjustment systems for patient lifts with LIFT40™, LIFT40+™ and LIFT50™

Pairing guide LIFT50™

Step-by-step guide for how to pair your LIFT50™ system with a LINAK hand control.

Got a question?

Our team is ready to assist you with technical information, starting a project and more.

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