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News 31 March 2021

Take the guesswork out of actuator lifetime prediction

The new B10 lifetime calculator cannot see into the future, but it can give you a solid idea of what to expect. Predicting the lifespan of your actuators can be challenging, as different applications and conditions place varying demands on the components. However, with B10 lifetime calculations, you get qualified predictions that let you choose products and plan maintenance with confidence.

Crystal ball with LINAK actuator inside

First online tool for easy lifetime prediction

B10 lifetime originates from the ball bearing industry and is, as such, not a new concept. LINAK® is, however, the first company to offer customers a B10 online calculator for electric linear actuators. The B10 calculator is available for the LA36 actuator on our website, where you simply enter your load and stroke specifications and get an instant estimation of your chosen actuator’s lifetime when used in accordance with product specification. You can calculate the estimated lifetime with both fixed and varying loads.


Hard-earned data

The B10 calculations are based on real-life test results from several groups of actuators that have been run to their breaking points. By testing the actuators at various load capacities, the different performance data for each actuator allows for qualified calculations, which has resulted in the unique B10 lifetime curve. Given the durability of LINAK actuators, this process has demanded a lengthy test period, considerable test centre capacity – and a healthy dose of patience. But the results are worth the investment.


From speculation to reality

Even though the B10 lifetime is based on statistics – the results of the estimations are highly qualified, and the life expectancy of an actuator can be confidently estimated: B10 tells us that a minimum of 90% of the actuators specified for an application will meet or exceed their predicted lifetime when used in accordance with product specifications, whereas a maximum of 10% might fail. Knowing the service life of an actuator is relevant and adds value to all fields of applications as everyone can benefit from knowing what to expect from their actuator.

For more details on our B10 calculator, please explore the calculator on the product page, visit our Tech and Trend section or contact us directly.

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