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Solar shading

Solar shading systems

LINAK actuators help lower energy consumption and optimise indoor climate control in buildings by adjusting pergolas and louvres.

Actuator solutions improve solar shading

An increasing number of governments worldwide provide tax concessions for energy-saving initiatives. This encourages property owners to look for ways to lower energy consumption and minimise CO₂ footprints while maintaining optimal interior climate control. Integrating intelligent actuators with solar shading systems like louvres and pergolas gives you many advantages:

  • Environment-friendly and energy-efficient
  • Easy to install and requires no maintenance
  • Smooth integration with building management systems (BMS)

Whether you need to adjust temperatures in an office building or create an intelligent shade solution for a café, it is a question of comfort. LINAK actuators allow owners to optimise comfort for their guests or employees by tipping solar shades to the perfect angle.

Be cost-efficient and cut CO₂ emissions
Electric actuators have a low energy consumption. But that is not all. As part of the entire building ventilation and climate system, owners will enjoy automated adjustment of sunlight over the year – further decreasing consumption and reducing CO₂ footprints.

Have a maintenance-free solution easy to install
There are no potential weak spots in electric actuator solutions. No hoses, pumps or compressors that require maintenance. This fact also makes these solutions easier to install. LINAK actuators even provide a plug-and-play setup, making them so easy to implement and with no specialist required.

Integrate the intelligent solution
LINAK actuator solutions integrate with most other control systems. This allows owners to automate climate control or solar shade systems, and consequently minimise fluctuations in temperatures and save energy. Convenient for humans and good for the environment.


Focus on building louvres

By integrating louvre systems in buildings, light and heat ingress can easily be controlled for better indoor climate and improved energy rating.

Focus on pergolas

Pergolas provide shading when the sun is high in the sky. Learn how system solutions from LINAK ensure quick and easy control of pergola solar shading systems.

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LINAK test brochure

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