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News 04 October 2016

Adjust your kitchen with your smartphone

The innovative LINAK Bluetooth Adapter now gets a kitchen app for mobile devices. It offers kitchen owners the option of adjusting the height of their kitchen worktop – using their smartphone or tablet.

Adjust your kitchen with your smartphone

When it comes to modern kitchen applications, LINAK creates smooth and noiseless adjustment. But a new LINAK app has redefined the current cutting edge. With the LINAK Bluetooth® Adapter combined with a brand new kitchen app, end-users can adjust the height of their kitchen table with a mobile device! 

Have an App for kitchens
The new kitchen app for tablets and smartphones is available for iOS and Android based systems.

It features functionalities such as displaying the current height of the tabletop as well as up and down buttons on your smartphone screen. Even in the unlikely event of system malfunction, the app will display the nature of the fault to help the end user get accurate support.

Not least, the app gives you an outstanding way to exhibit and demonstrate movement in the kitchen. The new app will definitely have a show-off effect. Driving a kitchen up and down with a smartphone attracts a lot of attention and acts as a magnet. 

Usability in operation as well as installation
Get started easily. All you need is a LINAK Bluetooth® Adapter and to download the app from App Store or Google Play. The app itself is free of charge, and the adapter is available at LINAK.

Once the app is downloaded and activated, the kitchen app will provide end-users with:

  • A fully functional controls display with up and down drive
  • A display showing the current height position
  • Easy support – display of faults with error codes and links to relevant LINAK websites
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Technology
  • The choice between eight languages

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