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News 10 December 2019

More options for adjustable comfort beds

The number of ways to create adjustable solutions for comfort beds has increased. LINAK® has released an elegant, yet very strong, single actuator, the LA18 IC. These actuators aim to support bed manufacturers with single actuator systems and their need to add extra strength, or more integrated features to bed adjustment overall.

The LA18 IC single actuators support bed manufacturers and their need for extra power

A recent expansion of the LINAK® product portfolio for comfort furniture creates a handful of new options – all in one stroke, so to speak.

The linear actuator LA18 IC (Integrated Controller) enables you to add even more power to your bed designs – to some it might even expand the product portfolio with new bed designs.

Extra power when you need it
Traditionally, when creating adjustable comfort beds with LINAK® actuator systems in Europe, designers have mainly used the TWINDRIVE® dual actuators, TD4 and TD5. Both actuators have integrated controllers (IC Technology), allowing designers to create beds around compact and discreet adjustment systems.

Even better – the system still has features, such as Under Bed Light, massage motor and the option of controlling the bed via wireless units – be it the hand control HC40 or an app on your phone.

LA18 IC Advanced set & LA18 IC Standard setLA18 IC Advanced set & LA18 IC Standard set

However, as bed designs have developed to become heavier, we have experienced that sometimes a dual actuator is not quite enough. So we added the LA18 IC to the product portfolio. With these actuator sets, you can choose to create a system consisting of a series of powerful single actuators pushing up to 6,000 N each – without having to find space for a control box.

Easy mounting: click-on back fixture
The LA18 IC comes with an optional click-on back fixture (Ø33.8 mm), making mounting the actuators to the bed frame quick and simple. Furthermore, the built-in Bluetooth® Low Energy technology enables you to utilise the wealth of cool features available with our latest hand controls: HC40 FRAME™ or HC40 TWIST™.

Pleasant sound logo

Pleasant sound for robust bed designs
Despite their powerful capability, the LA18 IC actuator sets operate quietly and smoothly


If you want to know more about how state-of-the-art electric actuator technology can improve your comfort bed design, please contact your local LINAK® office

LA18 IC Advanced LA18 IC Standard

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