Linear actuators

LA18 IC Advanced

LINAK® LA18 IC (Integrated Controller) Advanced is a compact solution for adjustable comfort beds – including memory function. A system comprises one primary and one (or more) secondary actuators. Integrated is a Bluetooth® BLE, an Under Bed Light and a green light indicating if the system has power on. The set is available with an easy click-on back fixture.

LA18 IC Advanced

The LA18 IC Advanced system consists of an LA18 IC Advanced Master and an LA18 IC Advanced Slave and is a system specially developed for comfort beds. The actuators make for a very quiet, powerful and sleek actuator system. As an option, it has a click-on back fixture making the mounting process simple and fast.

The LA18 IC Advanced system supports wireless control via hand controls and the Bed Control App. Furthermore, the system supports connection of accessories like massage motor and extra Under Bed Light.

LA18 IC Advanced data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

LA18 IC Advanced user manual

This user manual will explain how to pair, set up and use the LA18 IC Advanced single actuator system.

HOMELINE product overview

Explore the variety of TWINDRIVE systems with low noise level and small built-in dimensions used in both box spring beds and slatted beds.

Actuator systems for comfort beds

Expand your comfort zone with reliable actuator systems for adjustable leisure beds that work day after day. At LINAK we provide the right actuator system no matter the bed style.

How to pair wireless hand controls to an LA18 IC system for comfort beds

Learn how to pair wireless hand controls to the LINAK® single actuator LA18 IC system for comfort beds using Bluetooth® technology.

  1. Connect the system to the mains
  2. Pairing mode has started when the Under Bed Light starts flashing. It will run for three minutes
  3. Press the two top buttons to pair the hand control (Example in video: HC40 FRAME™ Advanced
  4. A long flash means successful pairing
  5. The system is paired and ready to use.
  6. The system will continue to be in pairing mode until the previously mentioned three-minute elapse. Then the light will turn green continuously to show that the system is no longer in pairing mode

Initialising a single actuator system for comfort beds

How to initialise a single actuator system for comfort beds

  1. Connect to the mains
  2.  Actuators on the bed must be in inner position
  3. Press the "down" button of the actuator on the hand control for approx. five seconds
  4. The actuator now initiates and can drive outwards
  5. Repeat this for each actuator by pressing the matching "down" button on the hand control
  6. The actuator system is now initialised

LA18 IC with click-on back fixtures: how to easily mount

Learn how to mount the single actuator LA18 IC with a click-on back fixture onto comfort beds with LINAK systems.

  1. The LA18 IC is delivered with the click-on back fixture open.
  2. Simply click the actuator onto the frame.
  3. To remove the LA18 IC: Simply push the middle parts of the fixture and pull back. Then slide the actuator off.

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