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News 17 December 2020

Extra features added to the hand control HB100

LINAK continues to add to the popular hand control HB100. Now you can include value-adding features, such as WET detection or adjustment of bedside rails. This makes the HB100 one of the most versatile hand controls on the market.


It already has a number of valuable function options – the LINAK® hand control HB100. Scale, Out Of Bed and Under Bed Light are just some of them. Now you can add WET detection and adjustment of the bedside rails to the list.

WET detection to increase comfort and efficiency

One of the newly added features – WET detection – comes with more than just a sensor. Not only does this function provide a considerable increase in patient comfort. It also helps healthcare staff learn patient habits and enable them to assist patients to the toilet before the bed gets wet. The HB100 allows staff to set sensor sensitivity level to accommodate each patient and optimise overall staff efficiency too.

Improve safety and ergonomics with bedside rails

Apart from improving ergonomics for the care staff, the Bedside Rail (BSR) feature provides extra safety for the bed user. Care staff can save positions – for example, raised rails near the head end and lowered rails in the foot end – and then have a notification when and if someone else changes this.

In other words, with the HB100 bedside rails can be set to accommodate any type of patient. For example. when raised it prevents the elderly lady from accidentally falling out of bed and when lowered it assures mentally confused patients will not climb the bedside rails and get hurt.

Enjoy auto-detection and a user-friendly screen

Keeping track of the many HB100 features is easy. On its 2.4” screen, this hand control gives the user a clear overview of all the features associated with the application it adjusts – automatically.

Once plugged in, the HB100 does a quick scan of the system, senses every connected feature, and displays them on the screen. This auto-detect function allows, for example, manufacturers of hospital beds to use the HB100 for several different bed types.

If you what to know more about all the HB100 features, please visit the HB100 product page, or contact your local LINAK office


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