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News 12 November 2019

Electrify picking plates in harvesters to maximise crop output

The German specialist in crop attachments for combine harvesters, Geringhoff, has developed a new adjustable picking plate. It is electric and powered by LINAK® actuators and helps maximise the output of maize production.

Electrify picking plates in harvesters to maximise crop output

After two years of testing, the German agriculture specialist, Geringhoff, has introduced its new picking plate solution for combine harvesters used in maize production. Instead of the traditional hydraulic system, Geringhoff traded it for an electric solution – powered by LINAK actuators LA36.

It is called ‘Freedom’, and according to André Hemmesmann, who is the team leader for development and design, the new electrically adjusted setup is far easier to install and provides the farmer with a higher yield.

When using one or more hydraulic cylinders, the signal lines must be laid next to the hydraulic lines to query the position. By using an electric actuator, just one simple cable is required, he says.

Tried and tested robustness cleared electric solution
According to Hemmesmann, it was the extensive testing conducted by LINAK and the Danish manufacturer’s decades of experience in creating durable solutions for agriculture machinery that paved the way to the new picking plate solution.

Electrify picking plates in harvesters to maximise crop output

We tested the system for more than two years and we are very satisfied with the reliability, he says and states that more Geringhoff applications can be expected to go electric in the future.

If you want to know more about ‘Freedom’, you can read the full story ‘Better corn crops with an electrically adjusted picking plate’ here. You are also welcome to contact your local LINAK office for further enquiries.

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