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News 21 November 2019

Behind the scenes of HC40: innovating hand controls

Nothing in the design of the new LINAK hand control HC40 was left to coincidence, opinion of the engineer, whim of a marketer, or a designer's personal preference. Everything is based on facts, user-response, and documented human behaviour. Meet some of the people behind the HC40 family of hand controls, and learn what it takes to make innovative design.

There is more to designing a product than function. Modern engineering often needs good designing – vice versa. The proof is the new hand control HC40 for comfort beds, where skilled LINAK colleagues with a design background worked closely together with our engineers and external design consultants to create a desirable HC40 design – two designs, in fact. Both based on facts. A lot of facts!

Several analyses of human behaviour have been scrutinised, consecutive heat-maps have been made, multiple user-tests have been conducted, and the most extensive user-survey ever conducted in relation to a LINAK product was carried out.

The goal: to create a new type of hand control that would stand out and maybe even change the market.

Søren Xerxes Frahm from Artlinco® points to one of the many models used for analysing the data from the surveySøren Xerxes Frahm from Artlinco® points to one of the many models used to analyse the data retrieved from the 1000+ respondents.

Read the whole story about how we achieved such an ambitious goal, where engineering and design had to come together to create the perfect user-experience – functionally and aesthetically.

Please, visit for more information about the HC40 family of hand controls. 


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