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News 17 December 2018

Actuators central in recovering energy from wastewater sludge

At Egaa wastewater treatment facility near Aarhus, Denmark, carbon sludge is extracted from the residual water and re-used in the plant to reduce overall energy consumption. LINAK® actuator solutions play a key part in optimising this process by ensuring reliable valve automation.

Optimal biogas production from wastewater sludge requires precise control of several processes. This is mastered at the wastewater treatment facility in Egaa, where residual water from the nearby city of Aarhus is treated as a resource the minute it enters the facility. 

Through state-of-the-art technology, ingenuity, and quality solutions, the treatment facility has achieved some remarkable results, and today the facility produces more energy than it consumes.

Primary treatment process optimised
Eight Salsnes filters™ form the first step of the process, where carbon sludge is filtered from the incoming wastewater. Even during this early treatment phase, LINAK electric actuators play an important role. Valves automated by actuators precisely control the inlet of wastewater to the filters, optimising the primary treatment process. This alone creates a reduction of energy consumption of up to 40 per cent during aeration later in the water treatment process.

Efficient biogas production – sludge heat exchanger
Transforming sludge into biogas is a valuable source of green energy. This process is conducted by an anaerobic digestion tank, where keeping the sludge at the right temperature is an absolute necessity. To attain this ideal temperature inside the tank, the sludge is circulated through an energy efficient heat exchanger, where the flow is controlled by a number of valves – all automated by durable LINAK actuators.

Actuators support sustainable wastewater treatment
Whether you need on/off control of your valves or precise regulation from 0-100 per cent, LINAK electric actuators are the lasting solution. They are durable, surprisingly easy to install and allow full remote control via SCADA, PROFIBUS communication, or easily accessible manual control via an external water valve control unit (WCU). 
If you want to know more about how electric actuators can help improve modern wastewater treatment, please contact your local LINAK office


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