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News 10 June 2016

Unique design possibilities with the DL4S

Featuring subtle rounded edges, this design is the only one of its kind in the DESKLIFT™ (DL) portfolio.

Unique design DL4S

The DL4S is a classic and contemporary 3-stage inline lifting column. This makes it suitable for a wide range of desk applications, especially within the office area. The motor is placed inside the column for a sleek and elegantly packaged column. This makes it easy to integrate into various desk designs. 

This lifting column is unique as it's the only one with characteristic rounded edges giving it a particularly sleek design. The rest of the LINAK DESKLIFT portfolio are either square, round or rectangular. This means that the DL4S design opens up for many additional design possibilities for office desks.

With the increasing number of different columns in the DESKLIFT (DL) portfolio, the options are endless, leaving the designers and manufacturers with absolute freedom to design. 

The DL4S contributes to this and with many other valuable features such as:

  • Elegant and unique design – giving you freedom to design
  • Low built-in dimensions – makes it suitable for people of all heights
  • Low noise level – perfect for office environments
  • PVC-Free™ design - for health reasons and for the sake of the environment

In other words, the DL4S lifting column is where design and quality meet.

Read more about the DL4S, or contact your local subsidiary for more information and to talk about applications.  

The DL4S Lifting Column

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