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News 12 December 2019

Find out what consumers actually think!

A large group of comfort bed users were asked for facts about habits and preferences, before we started designing the hand control HC40. Here is what we discovered.

A large group of users of adjustable comfort beds

When we started developing the HC40 hand controls, we decided to work with a design agency to do the most extensive user-survey ever conducted in relation to a LINAK product. Several analyses of human behaviour were scrutinised, consecutive heat maps were made and multiple user tests were conducted. In an extensive survey, two batches of five hundred current and inquiring end users were asked a series of questions about everything from income, daily routines and general design preferences, to specific expectations for their next comfort bed. The final result: More than 1,500 pages worth of solid feedback.

We narrowed it down to present seven helpful tips for anyone designing consumer products.

Continue getting to know the consumer here.

Sources: LINAK survey conducted by Artlinco A/S, Christian Jantzen, AAU, Pankseep and Artlinco A/S.

For more details on either the HC40 Standard editions or the HC40 Advance editions, please visit the site: Designed with you in mind.


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