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HC40 Advanced editions – great design, packed with features

The Advanced editions of the HC40 family of hand controls for comfort beds were made to eliminate the need for multiple bedside devices. Both the HC40 TWIST™ and the HC40 FRAME™ come in chic and clean designs, unaffected by the number of motors in the system, favourite positions memorised, or massage options the bed offers. And both versions come with multiple extra features, such as light-adaptable display, silent alarm with massage, and personalised greetings.

The Advanced editions of the HC40 FRAME™ and HC40 TWIST™

In an extensive user survey, the respondents expressed a clear wish for well-designed hand controls that are able to match the interior décor of their bedroom. In the same survey, responses also revealed another clear trend. Modern comfort bed users demand more all-in-one consumer goods, allowing them the option of going offline at home.

To accommodate this, we went to great lengths to develop this ‘family’ of hand controls – each with an exquisite look and perfect ergonomic balance when resting safely in the palm of your hand. All the members of the HC40 family have buttons and functions within reach in one grip, as well as easy, intuitive and tactile navigation.

The HC40 Advanced editions simply provide an exclusive look for the advanced bed systems, without compromising your great bed design and the many features you offer.

Get an exquisite design packed full of features that also match the demands of a modern adjustable bed with an advanced bed system.

The HC40 Advanced display. It opens up for even more features


  • Up to four motors up/down
  • Simultaneous drive down
  • Under Bed Light on/off
  • Backlight in buttons
  • Exchangeable batteries
  • Colour display
  • Torch
  • Control massage
  • Favourite positions (+naming)
  • Time and day
  • Alarm (Massage motors)
  • Three “Shortcut” buttons
  • Child lock
  • Notifications
  • About section (incl. factory reset)
  • Seven languages
  • Battery level indicator in display

Compatible dual actuator systems

  • TD4 Advanced
  • TD5 Advanced


  • Sleep timer (optional)
  • Customise front and back in colours and with logo
  • Customised logo in display

One hand control and so many features
There is a reason for every feature in the HC40. We have highlighted some of them below.

In fact, we went to great lengths to ensure that this hand control is truly user-friendly. If you are curious about how we kept the user in mind in every detail, please visit the site, focusing on usability.

Time and day in the HC40 Advanced

Time and day
Grab the HC40 and it shows the current time and day.

Shortcuts to features in the HC40 Advanced

Shortcut buttons
Program top row of buttons to the most used features.

More information here.

Silent alarm features of the HC40 Advanced use the massage motors as an alarm.

Silent alarm
Set an alarm and massage motors start as your wake-up.

Sleep timer in the HC40 Advanced

Sleep timer
Set a timer to make the bed drive to a flat position when elapsing.

Name and personal notifications in the HC40 Advanced

Name and personal notifications
Enter name to both know the difference between his/hers and get personal notifications.

Guiding notification in the HC40 Advanced

Guiding notifications
The display helps the user pair if unpaired, indicate low battery level, and unlock the child lock.

Backlight in buttons and adaptable display light in the HC40 Advanced

Night mode
Backlight in buttons and display light adapts to surroundings.

The torch function of the HC40 Advanced will turn on/off with

Shake Torch
Shaking the HC40 sideways twice to turn torch on/off.

Put a logo of your choice in the display of the HC40

Logo in display
Customise the display to show the logo of your choice.

HC40 customised Advanced version

Customise the HC40 Advanced editions
We also know that it is important to make hand controls reflect a specific brand. We have made this easy. You can change colour and surface, and add your brand logo on the battery lid, as well as enter personal notifications or logo in the display. These are easy to customise without harming the overall design. For more information on customisation go to the subsite: Customisation – make the end user see your brand.

The HC40 family is truly ‘Designed with you in mind’.


TWIST™ and FRAME™ – a family of four
To accommodate different markets and a variation of bed styles, we have developed two designs for the HC40 – the HC40 FRAME™ and the HC40 TWIST™. Both come in Standard and Advanced versions, but the ergonomics and visual experiences are quite different.

To read more about the Standard editions of the family, you can go to the subsite: HC40 Standard editions: when less is more.

The HC40 family: HC40 FRAME™ Standard, HC40 FRAME™ Advanced, HC40 TWIST™ Standard, HC40 TWIST™ Advanced.
LINAK hand control HC40 FRAME for adjustable comfort beds play-icon

LINAK Hand Control HC40 FRAME™ for adjustable comfort beds

LINAK hand control HC40 TWIST™ for adjustable comfort beds play-icon

LINAK hand control HC40 TWIST™ for adjustable comfort beds

HC40 - Change batteries play-icon

How to change batteries in the LINAK hand control HC40 FRAME™

HC40 Advanced - How to use-navigate play-icon

HC40 Advanced: How to use

HC40 - Factory reset play-icon

HC40 Advanced: How to factory reset

HC40 - Get started play-icon

HC40 Advanced: How to get started

HC40 - How to save favourite positions play-icon

HC40 - How to save favourite positions

HC40 - How to save shortcuts in display play-icon

HC40 Advanced: How to save shortcuts



This is a new generation of hand controls for adjustable comfort beds - designed with you in mind. With the metallic frame, the HC40 FRAME™ versions differ in look from its counterparts, the HC40 TWIST™.


This is a new generation of hand controls for adjustable comfort beds - designed with you in mind. With a unique twisting shape the HC40 TWIST™ differs in look from its counterparts the HC40 FRAME™ versions

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