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News 17 September 2020

MJB2 - a new compact port repeater that makes a big difference

If you are looking to easily connect extra controls or accessories to adjustable healthcare equipment, MJB2 may be the answer. This compact port repeater is optimised for a wide range of applications - such as hospital beds, surgery tables and treatment chairs.

MJB2 – a new compact port repeater that makes a big difference

Easy access to control units like hand controls or foot switches is essential when using adjustable healthcare equipment. LINAK introduces a new port repeater designed for analogue or OpenBus™ actuator systems, the MJB2, creating additional ports to make the above possible.

Extra options available for care staff

Sometimes it can be useful for caregivers to have more than one control unit to control functionalities and movements that are unavailable to patients or clients requiring care. And in more advanced hospital beds, connection to extra accessories is often a requirement. This could be an Under Bed Light, minimising the risk of accidental falls at night, when a patient leaves the bed to go to bathroom.

The MJB2 allows caregivers to have the extra hand control, such as when reading a patient’s weight.

Port extension to add functions

The MJB2 extends the number of ports and is designed to ease the connection of accessories and extra controls for almost any purpose. This extra port also offers easy access to the system’s service data.

The compact 2-port repeater also blends seamlessly into the design of the healthcare equipment without hindering functionality, while the inline cable attachment improves cable management.

It does not get much easier than that.

Please contact your local LINAK® office to see the big difference this compact MJB2 can make to the cable management, control, and operation of your adjustable healthcare equipment. 

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