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News 24 September 2019

Introducing Desk Frame 2 – intuitive assembly, clean design, and LINAK performance

LINAK introduces a new desk frame solution, giving office desk manufacturers the most intuitive and fastest possible system to build a high-quality desk.

The cornerstone of the new LINAK® full frame solution, Desk Frame 2 (DF2) is the telescopic beam that contains electronics, motor and cable wiring. Having it all pre-assembled inside the beam makes setting up of your next office desk incredibly easy.

Introducing Desk Frame 2

Intuitive assembly made easy as pie
LINAK is synonymous with easy-to-assemble, and DF2 makes it easier than ever before. All four elements of this concept are carefully designed to be either clicked together or attached with a few screws. The heart of the DF2 system is the beam as the motor, electronics and cable wirings are already pre-assembled inside.


Start by clicking on the two cantilevers to the beam, click on the two legs (lifting columns) and plug in your Desk Panel and the mains cable. Finally, use a few screws to mount the LINAK DL Feet™ to the legs and another few to attach your own table top. You are now ready to use your new sit-stand office desk. It really is that easy!

Introducing Desk Frame 2

Clean design of beam, lifting columns and feet
To ensure everything about the DF2 concept is as elegant as it is intuitive, we introduce lifting columns with invisible gliding pads. This gives the column a smoother and more elegant design.
In addition, the beam is designed as a closed element, meaning that cable wires are hidden elegantly and out of sight. Combined with LINAK DL Feet, you only need to add a table top to have a very elegant desk in the usual high LINAK quality.


High quality performance with every LINAK system
Although the DF2 is as a brand-new and somewhat different solution, you can expect the same high level of performance as with any other LINAK actuator solution. Every part, product, and system leaving our factory undergo the same programme of thorough tests, and our advanced automation in production ensures the same high level of quality through every step.

Improved logistics and easier handling
As part of its focus on simplicity and intuitiveness, Desk Frame 2 also stands out with improved logistics. One frame is made of four prepacked boxes that are easy to handle for warehouse operatives and service engineers alike.

If you want to know more about Desk Frame 2 and how you can benefit from a full-frame LINAK solution, please contact your local LINAK office

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