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LINAK Desk Frame 2 – the intuitive frame solution

Desk Frame 2 is an intuitive frame solution developed for customers, wanting an easy solution in a clean design while retaining the high LINAK quality standards.

Desk Frame 2 is the intuitive full-frame solution for office desks by LINAK®

The arguably fastest way to have a high-quality sit-stand office desk is called Desk Frame 2 (DF2). This solution is all about intuitive assembly, clean design, and LINAK® performance.

The entire concept of the DF2 revolves around the intelligent top frame – the ‘beam’ – carrying the motor, electronics, and cable wiring. Together with the cantilevers, elegant legs with invisible gliding pads, and a set of DL Feet, the beam comprises the full DF2 package – easy to assemble and ready to go.



The beam is the brain and spine of the Desk Frame 2 concept. It functions as a top frame and has the motor, electronics and cable wiring integrated inside. With everything preassembled, it stands out with its clean design. Finally, the beam is telescopic, making it a fit for various table top sizes (120 – 180 cm width).


Cantilevers, desk panel and cables

A set of cantilevers add stability to the desk frame set-up. They come together with the mains cable and your preferred desk panel. The Desk Panel DPF1K or DPF1C is standard with the DF2 solution, and no matter which of the variants you prefer, you will get an elegant and compact desk panel with soft buttons intuitively placed.

LINAK lifting column


Lifting columns with invisible gliding pads are standard in Desk Frame 2. Smooth profiles give you a clean look, and with its u-bracket the lifting column is easily mounted without the help of any tools.



With their unobtrusive design, DESKLIFT™ Feet (DL Feet) blend perfectly into a variety of office desk designs – including the DF2. DL Feet come in two designs – recessed or top-mounted – and in two lengths.


LINAK is a one-stop-shop

In the Desk Frame 2 solution, you will find everything you need to easily build your own unique high-quality office desk. It comes in four prepacked sets: 1. beam, 2. cantilevers, desk panel, and cables, 3. lifting columns, 4. feet.
If you are looking for a full-frame solution with even more and customisable options, take a look at our flexible Desk Frame 1 solution.

Desk Frame 2 the intuitive frame solution play-icon

Desk Frame 2 – the intuitive frame solution

Desk Frame 2 how to assemble an office desk play-icon

Desk Frame 2: How to assemble an office desk

Desk Frame 2 how to disassemble an office desk play-icon

Desk Frame 2: How to disassemble an office desk


DESKLINE product overview

If you make any kind of desk, table or counter that people work behind, a height adjustable electric actuator solution is the flexible way to gain a competitive edge and improve your business.

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