LINAK Desk Frame 1 – the flexible frame solution

Desk Frame 1 is a flexible frame concept by LINAK®. It allows you to use most of our DESKLINE product portfolio to create your very own and unique desk. Options are almost endless.

The flexible way to create individual full frames as a set-packed solution is Desk Frame 1 (DF1). This LINAK concept allows you to mix and match from most of the DESKLINE® range. Choose and combine a LINAK Kick & Click™ top frame, a DESKLIFT™ SetPack (containing two lifting columns, a control box, a desk panel and cables) and a set of DESKLIFT™ Feet. All you need to do is add your own tabletop.

Desk Frame 1 Kick & Click

Frame - Kick & Click™
With the Kick & Click™ top frame, it is fast and easy to mount your lifting columns to your table top. No toolbox, screws, or bolts required – just 'kick and click' the top frame together. It is available in three versions: Fixed (for desks up to 120 cm), Adjustable (for desks between 140 – 200 cm) or Base (for flexible desk widths).

Desk Frame 1 SetPack

Legs - DL SetPack
The DESKLIFT™ SetPack (DL SetPack) gives you a packed set containing all electric elements you need – two lifting columns, a desk panel, a control box, and the necessary cables. Essentially everything you need for your desk adjustment system, plus uncompromising design freedom as each part comes in different variants, such as round, square, or rectangular column profiles, 2- or 3-staged column setups in regular or upside-down variants. Choose one of the three standard colours and match them with your favourite desk panel – there is a wealth of options.

Desk Frame 1 Feet

Feet - DL Feet
DESKLIFT™ Feet (DL Feet) is the overall term for a variety of feet for adjustable desks. They come in two standard lengths and various widths, applicable for a number of LINAK® lifting columns across profile designs. Furthermore, you can choose between two different mounting solutions – top mounted and recessed mounted.


LINAK® – a one-stop-shop
In many aspects, the DF1 concept completes one of the richest product catalogues in electric systems for adjustable office furniture on the market. The LINAK product range already encompasses the most advanced desks and workstations with Anti-Collision solutions, such as Desk Sensor 1 and PIEZO™ , as well as energy-saving and eco-friendly office desks using ZERO™ technology and PVC-Free™ system elements.

Introducing Desk Frame 1 play-icon

Introducing Desk Frame 1

Desk Frame 1: How to assemble an office desk play-icon

Desk Frame 1- How to assemble an office desk


DESKLINE product overview

If you make any kind of desk, table or counter that people work behind, a height adjustable electric actuator solution is the flexible way to gain a competitive edge and improve your business.

Desk Frame 1 brochure

Explore the full frame LINAK concept ‘Desk Frame 1’ - everything you need to build your electric sit-stand desk. It is made of three sets: Kick & Click™ top frame, a DL SetPack (containing columns, a desk panel, a control box and cables) and DL Feet.