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News 29 October 2018

Powerful performance upgrade of modern operating tables

With the new LINAK® lifting column LC3, the number of options for advanced precision movement in operating tables has grown. The product range now covers power, precision, intuitive control, and the smooth signature LINAK movement – making your application ready for the future.

Powerful performance upgrade of modern operating tables

The introduction of the lifting column LC3, the actuators LA40 HP and LA20, and the powerful OpenBus™ control box CO71 as well as the port junction box PJ2, LINAK® has upgraded and expanded the product range to accommodate the future and offer more options for medically approved systems. 


Get more options with the same products
With its ability to deliver a push of up to 6,000 N, the lifting column LC3 offers smooth adjustment with a significant power surplus. It has an extremely high bending moment, making it ideal for the vertical lift in modern operating tables – regardless of the load. The equally new linear actuator LA40 HP (High Performance) provides powerful and fast movement at full stroke, and along with, for example, actuators LA31 and LA20, you can create any move requested by the customer.


Using OpenBus™ control boxes, such as the CO41, CO61 or CO71, a LINAK CO-Link™ is an option, allowing you to have up to eight channels at your disposal. Adding a PJ2 will further grant you two extra channels. The number of advanced movement patterns available is almost unlimited, and customised software will provide the movement patterns you need in your application.

We have made sure that everything fits together across the extensive LINAK product range.

Have an experienced partner and customised software
Collaboration has always been part of the LINAK DNA. When it comes to implementing our tried and tested actuator systems to your advanced medical equipment, we listen carefully and seek to find the optimal solution together with you.

If you want to evolve with LINAK actuator systems for operating tables, surgery chairs, or other advanced medical equipment, please contact your local LINAK office

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