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News 26 October 2020

Increase the quality of your recliner with a whole new actuator set-up

LINAK has eliminated one of the most tricky parts of creating pedestal recliners with built-in electric adjustment. Removing cables from moving joints in the furniture reduces the risk of squeezed cables and gives designers the freedom to design.

LINAK makes solutions for recliners

Making adjustable quality recliners for a demanding market is no easy task. Obviously, they have to be comfortable for the owner to sit in. But the electric actuators generating the movement also have to add to the experience by delivering smooth, comfortable, and preferably low-noise motion.

The consumers also expect the chair to be easy to install, intuitive to use, and to be able to deliver flawless performance for many years. LINAK® has made it all come together, and now it is much easier to manufacture pedestal recliners that have it all.

Strengthening weak spots

Squeezed cables are often the root cause of failing performance in many adjustable recliners. With the new LINAK® actuator solution for recliners, this issue has been addressed. We optimised the system by using technology that ultimately removed several cables and elements from the equation. Among other things, this made an external control box redundant. It helps reduce the number of customer complaints and cable-related quality issues.

Actuator systems for recliners

Configure your actuator solution yourself

As fashion trends and designs change, the configuration of the actuator system may also need to be adjusted. We have made that easy. Instead of contacting LINAK® for updates, you can configure various parameters yourself. It is quick and easy to do, and makes it far easier for manufacturers to use what is already in stock and to continue with the same item catalogue for more than one season.

Enjoy full freedom to design without compromise

The new LINAK system for pedestal recliners usually consists of two or more linear actuators LA10 and a user-friendly control unit , which can be branded with your logo and customised colours.

As the LA10 actuators use powerline communication, you can take the usual control box out of the equation. Save space and allow your designers full freedom to design without compromising. Last but not least; everything is easy to plug and play and it is almost impossible to connect anything incorrectly.

The LA10 actuator is easy to integrate into your designThe entire recliner system is easy to integrate into your design. Minimise cable mess by simply connecting the actuators in a series, using the Bluetooth® plug, the wireless control unit and our discreet charging point.

If you want to know more about our actuator solutions for recliners, please find links to related content below. You are also more than welcome to contact your local LINAK office.

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