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News 11 May 2017

TD4 Standard or TD4 Advanced?

With the release of TD4 Standard and TD4 Advanced, LINAK is taking a step towards a more diversified portfolio of dual actuators for adjustment of modern comfort beds. The two versions of the TD4 look very similar, but which version is optimal for your bed depends entirely on your requirements.

TD4 Standard or TD4 Advanced

Although they share numerous desirable features, such as the elegant and slim design, a pleasant sound level, speed control, Under Bed Light, mechanical emergency lowering and Bluetooth®, there are a few differences between the LINAK TD4 Standard and TD4 Advanced dual actuators.

Appearances tell the story
The two versions of the TD4 represent a completely new standard in LINAK TWINDRIVE® actuators by having many pre-existing and new features integrated by default. The difference between the two versions is that the TD4 Standard has these features integrated by default, while the TD4 Advanced has the same integrated features as well as the additional possibility of adding even more features to a system.

Looking at them, the only tangible difference between the two versions is that the TD4 Standard has one port for the mains cable whereas the TD4 Advanced has a RJ45 port and two DC ports. This allows you to create an advanced adjustable bed system. This is how you tell the two apart visually.

Functions - Similarities
To elaborate on one of the previously mentioned features, both versions of the TD4 also run at a constant speed independent of load. This ensures a comfortable adjustment of the bed. We call that speed control.

Environmentally speaking, the two versions of the TD4 are also both made from PVC-Free™ materials and feature ZERO™ technology – keeping standby power consumption <0.1W.

Functions - Differences
One of the major differences is the option to connect products to the ports in the TD4 Advanced . Like the CBH Advanced , which allows you more channels for extra actuators and accessories. For instance, by adding single actuators to the CBH Advanced (connected to the TD4) it allows for extra foot and neck adjustment.

The TD4 Advanced also differentiates from the TD4 Standard by introducing both memory positions and the options of parallel drive of two beds.

TD4 Advanced

Which version of the TD4 is optimal for you? This depends on your requirements.  For more information, please contact your local LINAK subsidiary or distributor .

See all the details about the TD4 in the product overview .

In short
TD4 Standard = The new TWINDRIVE standard: a larger quantity of integrated features.
TD4 Advanced = The new TWINDRIVE standard + extra channels via the CBH control box + parallel drive + memory positions.

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