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News 22 February 2017

Welcome TWINDRIVE® TD4 Standard – Next generation of dual actuators.

A new product is launched – Welcome to the TWINDRIVE® TD4 Standard. With this new product, the TD4 product has been expanded, giving you the next generation of dual actuators. It now includes both the TD4 Standard and the TD4 Advanced.

Welcome TWINDRIVE® TD4 Standard – Next generation of dual actuators

The ideal choice for comfort beds

The TD4 Standard is a dual actuator, in the well-known LINAK quality, developed for comfort beds where a moderate need for power is required. In detail, the performance specifications are: 

  • Torque, leg 200 Nm
  • Torque, back 280 Nm

With its compact design, the TD4 Standard is easily recognisable. It is slim and compact, making it a discreet part of the bed design. What is more, it does not take up any space under the bed. This means that the end-user has more space for example for storage underneath the bed. 

In conclusion, the TD4 Standard is a very good actuator solution in situations where there is a need for moderate power combined with a very pleasant and low sound level. This dual actuator comes with a broad range of features right out of the box.  As the finishing touch, the TD4 Standard is available at an attractive price-performance level.

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Bluetooth® included per default

In a standard version, you would normally have to settle with the basic features. The TD4 is different. The Standard version includes a broad range of features – and this at no extra cost. As an example, Bluetooth® communication is one of the many extra features included.

The TWINDRIVE TD4 Standard offers:

  • Bluetooth® communication allowing a broad range of wireless hand controls.
  • The LINAK Bed Control app to adjust the bed, available for iOS and Android based devices for free of charge download
  • Under Bed Light for convenient lightning during night time
  • An environmentally friendly product with LINAK ZERO™ technology ensuring a low standby power consumption of typically 0.1 W
  • Mechanical emergency lowering, enabling the bed to be lowered manually in an emergency in the case of power cut-off

Welcome TWINDRIVE® TD4 Standard – The next generation of dual actuators - closeup

Read more about the TWINDRIVE TD4 Standard and the TWINDRIVE TD4 Advanced.

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