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News 12 July 2021

Your customers deserve recliner comfort with flexibility

Battery-powered recliners allow you to place a recliner exactly where it is needed, with no messy cables and no need for a nearby wall socket. Aesthetically it looks better too, so why aren’t we seeing more of them? Batteries. That's why.

The LINAK battery BA002 provides a clean design, where you do not have to rely on a permanently fixed power cable.

As you probably know, manufacturing or selling a battery-powered solution has never been quite that simple: the main issue being that traditional batteries can self-discharge while in storage, at the store - and even in a customers’ home.

Feel let down?

As a manufacturer, you will almost certainly have had batteries that have discharged before they were even installed. Discharged batteries in retail stores make sales harder, and delivering a chair to customers with a discharged battery does not help your brand either. There is nothing worse than finding a discharged battery in your recliner when you reopen your summerhouse in spring - a massive disappointment. But those days are gone.

Extend your comfort zone

At LINAK®, we take comfort seriously and have worked hard to come up with a solution that puts an end to these problems. Our solution? The new BA002: a battery that can be relied on to perform when it matters.

Hold that charge

The main challenge was to create a battery that would reliably hold its charge from assembly to showroom to customer's home. With its innovative deep sleep mode, the BA002 battery prevents complete discharge during storage, shipping, or extended downtime. When a battery leaves LINAK, we put it into deep sleep mode, which means that its battery life can be trusted to hold the charge you need, for a long time after leaving our factory.

No more topping-up

Thanks to the new BA002, you can now store batteries or chairs without needing to regularly recharge them. This means that you can confidently use batteries directly from storage for testing, assembly and shipping; and in retail stores, chairs can be kept in stock without the risk of selling a unit with a discharged battery. Ultimately, customers get a chair they can use right away - and which holds its charge through longer periods of downtime - win, win.

Smart features for longer life

Of course, every battery will eventually need a recharge, and to make this as simple as possible, the BA002 has an audible battery status, which indicates when a recharge is required. The chair can also be used during recharging. When a battery is almost discharged, it only lets the chair go to a sitting position - preventing customers from entering a lying position from which they cannot rise.
To conserve battery charge, the wireless Bluetooth® control also enters sleep mode in quiet periods and switches off quickly after use.

Even more ways to charge

For the charging itself, we have also developed a new magnetic charging point: the power cable simply snaps into place on the charging point and connects the chair to power – and even if someone does trip on the cable, it simply pulls off, preventing damage to the system.

Inspiration for aesthetic design

For chair designers, the BA002 blends seamlessly with any design as it can be easily integrated into the frame. Our innovative concept helps mitigate consequences in the unlikely case of cell failure.

It is now possible to create powered recliners with confidence - and the removal of a permanently attached power cable adds an aesthetic touch, which both retailers and consumers will appreciate. Extend your comfort zone with LINAK.

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