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News 20 June 2019

New dual actuator TD5 delivers force of up to 7,000 N

As bed designs move towards thicker and heavier mattresses, the actuator system needs to be more powerful to enable users to adjust the backrest and the leg support. This is why LINAK® is introducing a new dual actuator – the TD5. It is specially developed for box spring beds.

New dual actuator TD5 delivers force up to 7,000 N

To accommodate manufacturers of modern elevation beds, LINAK is introducing a new and powerful dual actuator for comfort beds. The actuator is called TD5 and joins the family of LINAK® TWINDRIVE® actuators, already counting the TD4.

The TD5 follows a clear trend towards more solid bed designs. Not only are bed designs getting sturdier, mattresses are also becoming thicker and heavier. This requires more force, and that is exactly what the TD5 has plenty of – up to 7,000 N in both ends (backrest and leg support).

Technology expands range of features
LINAK® TWINDRIVE® actuators come with a number of different technology features. Most obvious is the integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology, allowing bed designers to leave cabled hand controls out of account. Wireless operation via Bluetooth® also enables the end user to operate the comfort bed with his or her smartphone. Download the LINAK® Bed Control app and pair it with the TD5 unit.

Some end users will probably notice the bed’s extremely low stand-by power consumption. The TD5 comes with LINAK® ZERO™ technology, keeping consumption below 0.1 W when the bed is idle.

Two versions of TD5 – Standard and Advanced
To accommodate the fact that customers have different requirements for a comfort bed, the TD5 has been launched in two editions – a Standard and an Advanced edition. Both editions come with standard features, such as Bluetooth® and Under Bed Light. However, the TD5 Advanced also comes with a memory function, allowing users to store favourite bed positions. Equipped with the hand control HC40, the user can even create shortcuts to the stored positions and get a personalised experience.

New dual actuator TD5 delivers force of up to 7,000 N

Lightweight and easy to mount
A list of pictograms on the TD5 forms a complete and easy step-by-step guide, how to mount the actuator to the bed frame – also on site. Pairing the system to the hand control or the smartphone is made equally intuitive and provides the end user with a fully functional bed straight after assembly.

Despite its significant power boost, the TD5 is surprisingly lightweight. This makes it easy – even for end users – to handle and also reduces transport costs.

If you want to know more about either the TD5 Standard or the TD5 Advanced, please follow the links, or contact your local LINAK® office.


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