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News 12 June 2019

New LINAK hand control HC40 launched

Did you miss the launch? LINAK launched a brand new family of hand controls for comfort bed systems during the 2019 Interzum trade fair in Cologne, Germany. Reception of the HC40 was overwhelming and the user-oriented design may change market standards completely.

The HC40 hand controls for comfort beds are compatible with both basic and advanced systems.

They are called HC40 TWIST™ and HC40 FRAME™. Two unique designs, each in both a standard and an advanced edition, form a complete family of new LINAK® hand controls, providing easy adjustment of both basic and advanced bed systems.

The HC40 family was introduced at the 2019 Interzum trade fair in Cologne, Germany, and the reception was overwhelmingly positive. Many questions revolved around the colossal amount of work that was completed ahead of the two designs.

Started with an extensive user survey
We recognise that our success relies on feedback from users, and customer feedback. That is why the process of developing the hand control HC40 began with an extensive user survey. Using the survey and our market knowledge, we created a family of hand controls that sets far higher standards both for gathering end-user input and for customising and personalising comfort furniture in general.

This is a hand control ‘designed with you in mind’ - and it is unlike anything you have seen before!

The HC40 family was well received by visitors. At interzum we saw that all the hard work paid off. The HC40 family was well received by visitors.

For further information, read the official launch news and visit the dedicated HC40 site at:

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