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News 30 November 2018

Behind the scenes of dual actuator production in Slovakia

Following expansions of manufacturing facilities in Denmark and the USA, the LINAK® factory in Prešov, Slovakia, added another 3,900 m² of production floor. Now you can have a peek inside our Slovakian factory – home of the dual actuator TWINDRIVE® TD4.

Just a few years after opening in 2014, the LINAK factory in the Slovakian city of Prešov recently expanded its production area. The LINAK facility specialises in dual actuators, making it the natural base for the actuator TWINDRIVE® TD4 . With its inline design and multiple features, the dual actuator TD4 is specially developed for comfort beds. Not only does it come in two versions (Standard and Advanced) each of these also comes in the + (plus) version with lifting capacity up to 6,000 N. In other words, the dual actuator TD4 supports both slatted and box spring beds.

At the Prešov factory, all advanced actuator products, such as the dual actuator TD4, meet the high LINAK standards. The extent of automation ensures that consistent quality and logistics support the necessary high-volume production throughout the supply chain. 

On top of this extremely well organised LEAN manufacturing, every product has to go through a 100 % function test before it leaves the factory – in Slovakia, Denmark, USA, or China!

If you want to know more about LINAK manufacturing, please do not hesitate to contact your local LINAK office.

Bed control app
Did you know that you can control your TD4 comfort bed with an app?

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Quality matters
Because quality matters

The LINAK world class production is built on the latest technology within IT, automation, and robotics. You can expect the same high and consistent quality at the factory in Prešov.

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