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News 28 November 2019

Customised Bed Control App promotes and supports your brand

Direct significantly more attention to your or your customer's brand with a customised edition of the LINAK® Bed Control App. Just a few simple steps and your brand is far more visible everywhere your beds go.

Set the alarm in the Bed Control App

Imagine that every time your customers want to adjust their comfort bed with the Bed Control App, they see your logo, your corporate colours, and when they want to know more about your product, they are directed to your website.

In other words, it will be crystal clear who made this bed and who is responsible for the comfort they are experiencing. This is what LINAK offers you – in just a few simple steps. But there is more!

Customise app to promote your brand
For manufacturers and brands, a Bed Control App in their corporate colours and displaying their company logos, helps promote the brand and makes your comfort bed even more unique. The customisation options include:

  • Include your logo: Change the logo in the app design.
  • Colour: Change the background colour.
  • Links to your website: The menu ‘About’ contains two sections, storing Product Information and Support. You pick what to link to on your webpage

The latest update of the Bed Control App includes several new features, bringing additional value to the many functions already comprised in any hand control with Bluetooth® wireless technology by LINAK.

For example, the in-app support and the troubleshooting guide – both making it easy for the user to set up the bed and to connect your brand with something intuitive and high quality.  Why is this a good thing?

  • Users solve the most common issues instantly – guided step-by-step
  • Brands minimise the number of support calls

This literally is: Help at your fingertips!

Offer a user-friendly design
To sum it all up: With the latest Bed Control App release, we extended functionality and added new features - such as the silent alarm and bed selector - without compromising the intuitive and user-friendly look.

You can find more App specs in the article ‘New design increases LINAK Bed Control App usability’. This is the design you can customise.

Customised edition of the LINAK Bed Control App

How do I get started?
It only takes a few simple steps to get your brand to your customers. Please contact your local LINAK office to learn more.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG Inc. and any use of such marks and logos by LINAK® is under license.

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